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Housing mission

Venezuela’s Maduro Denounces “Xenophobic” Remarks by Colombian Vice-President

Maduro denounced the Colombian leader's statements as a “xenophobic aggression against the people of Venezuela". (@P

Maduro demanded Colombian Vice-President German Vargas Lleras apologize after he suggested Venezuelans be excluded from the neighboring country’s social programs.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Highlights Social Achievements in Annual Address to the Nation

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addresses the Supreme Court for his annual address to the nation. (AVN and Prensa Presidenci

Maduro said his administration had managed to expand social welfare provision despite facing a severe economic crisis.  

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Housing Rights Groups Protest Privatisation of Social Housing in Caracas

"Land is a right, not merchandise" (Jonas Holldack -

On January 28th, social movements took to the streets of Caracas to protest opposition plans to pass a law privatising social housing. 

The rally was called and led by the "Pioneers Movement"- a nation-wide network which has successfully carried out land invasions of unused private property in Venezuelan cities to construct communally run collective housing blocks. 

Here, Venezuelanalysis shares a selection of photos from the march with readers. 


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Venezuelan Opposition Accepts Supreme Court Ruling, Introduces Law Privatizing Housing Mission

Venezuela's National Assembly. (Archive)

Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly agreed Tuesday to recognize a Supreme Court (TSJ) ruling temporarily suspending four representatives from Amazonas state pending investigation into alleged electoral irregularities. Opposition legislators also introduced a law to privatize the country's Great Venezuelan Housing Mission. 


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Maduro Bets his Mustache that State Housing Mission will Finish 1M Homes before Year’s End

Maduro asked construction workers and engineers to work harder in order to save his mustache. (Photo: EFE)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro pledged Wednesday to shave his mustache in the event that the Bolivarian government fails to meet its goal of completing a total of 1 million homes by year's end as part of the country's Great Housing Mission. 

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Maduro to "Remove Criminals" from State Housing after Deadly Shootout

Maduro stated that those found to be involved in illegal activities would be removed from the state housing complexes, after 9 m

The Venezuelan head of state responded to a shoot-out at a government housing complex on Sunday by confirming that all “criminals” would be removed from government provided houses. The incident was described as a “massacre” by the national press, and led to the deaths of 9 people.

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Relocation Program Underway for Residents of Venezuela’s Torre de David

After holding an assembly with residents to discuss options moving forward, government minister Ernesto Villegas announced the r

A week into a government-initiated relocation plan, 25 percent of the 1,156 families occupying the Torre Confianzas in downtown Caracas have been moved to new housing in Valles de Tuy, Miranda state, Minister Ernesto Villegas announced this morning.

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Social Programs Expanded in Venezuela’s Poorest Communities

In the barrio of Antimano in Caracas, Vice President Jorge Arreaza participated in a house to house visit where high risk housin

The Venezuelan government has initiated its policy of expanding social programs in the country’s most deprived areas in a bid to eradicate extreme poverty.

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Community Volunteers Aid in Housing Construction in Venezuela, Registered Communes Reach 600

600th Commune

Communes minister Reinaldo Iturriza announced this Saturday the creation of 400 volunteer work fronts for housing construction. A march was also held in Lara state to commemorate the registration of the 600th commune.

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“Terrorists” Attack Housing Mission and Preschool in Venezuela

Fire fighters with an evacuated child. (Zurda Konducta)

The headquarters of the Venezuelan government's housing mission and an adjacent pre-school have been attacked by anti-government groups, according to authorities. 

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