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Hip Hop Gets Political in Venezuela

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Campaigning is heating up in Venezuela where presidential polls are due in early October. Despite his recent battle with cancer, President Hugo Chavez is running for another term of office, after 13 years in power. His opponent, Henrique Capriles, is a young lawyer who represents a coalition of opposition parties. As Sarah Grainger reports from Caracas, everyone in Venezuela has an opinion on politics, including the country's aspiring young hip-hop artists


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Hip-Hop and Culture in Venezuela's Bolivarian Process

An interview with Jorney Madriz, or Master as he is commonly known, a rapper with hip-hop group 'Area 23', based in '23 de enero', one of the most militant low-income neighbourhoods, known as barrios, that encircle Venezuela's capital city, Caracas. Excerpt from upcoming documentary Hip Hop Revolucion.

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Venezuela: US Imperialism in Practice

Members of Venezuela’s Hip Hip Revolution collective (Latin America Bureau)

In January 2011 more than 600 (mostly young) people packed into a central London venue to hear speakers ranging from Tariq Ali to Hanan Chehata discuss ‘What is Imperialism?’ My friend Jody McIntyre, who also spoke, later explained why he had helped organise the event. It was “to bring together young people from all sections of society, to discuss and educate ourselves on one of humanity’s biggest enemies: Imperialism.”

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Venezuela's Hip Hop Revolutionaries

(Latin American Bureau)

First it was Venezuela's Youth Orchestra, now it is its Hip-Hop Revolución which is attracting hundreds of teenagers across the country. Not officially part of the Bolivarian Revolution, it nevertheless sees itself as part of the same movement for change.

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Tiuna el Fuerte: Revolutionizing the Revolution

Revolutionizing the Revolution is a documentary short following the hip-hop collective Tiuna el Fuerte, a local community collective that uses art, music and culture to transform the barrio of El Valle in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Hip-Hop Lives on in Venezuela

Venezuelan hip hop artists in Caracas’s southern barrio known as La Vega (Archive).

It is 7:00 on a Wednesday evening in Caracas’s southern barrio known as La Vega. In a small classroom lined with worn-out wooden desks, youth of all ages sit and listen to a local DJ talk about the historical roots of hip-hop culture. After the discussion is over, the youth quickly disperse and hip-hop beats begin blasting as dancers practice their footwork and emcees prepare to show off their latest rhymes. 

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A Hip-Hop School in the Large and Overcrowded Barrio of La Vega

This short video documents a hip-hop school in the large and overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela. Filmed in the months of July and August in 2010, it features interviews and performances by those involved in the school known as EPATU (Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions).

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Hip Hop and Graffiti Revolution: A Video Manifesto

EPATU stands for Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions, but it is also Spanish for ‘Hey you’. The schools, developed jointly with the Venezuelan Ministry for Communes, are non-formal spaces for youth to learn rap, break dancing, graffiti, and DJ, and are an alternative to the consumerism, violence, and criminal life that young people are often exposed to..

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Venezuela: The Hip Hop Movement Gets Organized

The hip-hop movement congress held in December in Merida, Venezuela (HHR)

Over the 17, 18 and 19 of December the first conference of activists and militants of the Venezuelan Hip Hop movement was held. Convened and organized by the Hip Hop Revolution collective and with the participation of activists from over 8 states from the west of the country, the [congress] discussed and debated the creation of urban art schools, a joint project of the HHR Collective and the Ministry of Communes.

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