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Gun control

Venezuela Turns Guns Into Homes for the Poor

Thousands of firearms were destroyed by authorities in Caracas Wednesday. (Photo: MPPRIJP)

Venezuelan authorities said Wednesday they had melted down 17,000 firearms, and would use the scrap metal as material in public housing units.

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30,000 More Security Cameras and 17,000 Less Guns on Venezuelan Streets

Over 17,000 firearms were destroyed in Lara state on Tuesday (VTV)

30,000 security cameras will be installed across Venezuela under a scheme inaugurated by President Nicolas Maduro on Tuesday, amid ongoing efforts to tackle street crime.

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Venezuela's New Gun Control Legislation Calls on Firearm Industry to Compensate Victims

Venezuela's Law for the Control of Firearms, Ammunition and Disarmament imposes new restrictions on access to firearms (EFE

Venezuela's National Assembly (AN) has approved a new law that restricts access to firearms and provides an amnesty for owners of illegal firearms to surrender their weapons. 

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Venezuelan Government Extends Firearm Ban

Minister for justice and internal affairs, Nestor Reverol delivered the news during a speech at a school of the National Guard,

A suspension of the commercial sale of firearms will remain in place for another twelve months, according to the minister for justice and internal affairs, Nestor Reverol.

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Venezuelan Government Suspends Gun Imports and Sales for One Year

Gun imports will be suspended for one year (archive).

The Venezuelan government has suspended gun imports and sales, initially for a period of one year. It is also encouraging citizens to register their guns.

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UN Praises Venezuela’s Gun Control and Disarmament Policies

Venezuela's Interior and Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami (AVN)

A United Nations (UN) official praised Venezuela’s gun control and disarmament efforts as the government proceeds with several policies aimed at countering violent crime and guaranteeing citizen security.

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