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Chavismo Marks 15 Years in Power, Venezuelan Government’s Coalition to Restructure

President Nicolas Maduro has announced the restructuring of the pro-government Great Patriotic Pole coalition, arguing the bloc

President Nicolas Maduro has announced the restructuring of the pro-government Great Patriotic Pole coalition, arguing the bloc should achieve “grassroots revolutionary hegemony” in Venezuelan politics. 

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Venezuelan Elections, Participation, and the Finger

 Merida governor Alexis Ramirez  (in white) campaigning in the barrio of Santa Anita last Sunday (Tamara Pearson / Venezuelanaly

The PSUV recently announced its candidates for the December elections, overriding a primaries process of selection that had been underway when Chavez died. From under confidence and vulnerability, to a disorganised grassroots and a strong-ish opposition, VA examines what is behind such a move.

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Great Patriotic Pole to Participate in Venezuela’s Local Elections

In preparation for the 8 December municipal elections, in which 337 mayoral posts will be decided, Maduro indicated that the sel

“Against the fascist right wing, there is only one way to emerge victorious: the power of the people,” President Nicolas Maduro said in an address before the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) in Caracas on Saturday afternoon.

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“Honey of the Revolution” – An Interview with Rosangela Orozco, Member of the Alexis Lives Foundation

Rosangela Orozco (Susan Spronk, Jeffery R. Webber)

In this interview Orozco talks about the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), her involvement in her commune, and the importance of the upcoming elections.

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228 Venezuelan Movements Form Sexual Diversity Council

The sexual diversity assembly held yesterday in Caracas (agencies)

Movements for LGBTI rights in the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) met yesterday to form a sexual diversity council. Other movements and grassroots organisations in the revolutionary pole have also formed women’s, youth, and environmental councils, among others, in the lead up to the first national GPP assembly.

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Interview: The Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) - How Thousands of Movements are Constructing their Revolutionary Organisation

Jessica Pernia (Tamara Pearson-

In this interview Venezuelanalysis talks to one of the activists who has been involved in the formation of the GPP almost right from the start. Although the GPP, an organisation which formally unites 35,000 Venezuelan movements and collectives, is just in its initial stages, we try to get a hang of what kind of organisation it could be, and the processes and forces that have been involved in its formation.

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Great Patriotic Pole to Construct New Hegemony within Bolivarian Revolution

Picture caption: The GPP "patriotic assemblies" will take place throughout the country until March (AVN)

The purpose of the recently formed Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) will be to establish a “new hegemony” within the Bolivarian revolution, said the Vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Francisco Arias Cardenas this past Saturday.

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The People, Programmes and the “Meritocrats”

A GPP regional assembly in Merida on Monday (Tamara Pearson/

One of the principle tasks for the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP), which is still under construction, is the development of what could be called the People’s Programme, which would serve as the fundamental programmatic component for the government and which would be presented by Commander Chavez to the country during the upcoming electoral campaign. 

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Hugo Chavez is the Son of this People, not the Father

Interview with Venezuelan social activist and author Roland Denis, regarding the formation of the “Great Patriotic Pole” in view of the up-and-coming 2012 presidential elections. 

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