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Venezuela's Globovision "in Crisis” as it Loses More Journalists

Since its sale earlier this year, Globovision has sought to rebrand itself as a more moderate news source, after years of stagna

Eight employees of the private broadcaster Globovision have resigned this week, criticising the channel's new moderate editorial policy.

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Venezuela’s Globovision Seeks to Moderate Coverage

Globovision’s search for a more “balanced line” has caused controversy within the channel and with the conservative opposi

Venezuelan private news channel Globovision is attempting to develop a more moderate image, however recent changes have been criticised by the conservative opposition. 

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The “Loss” of Globovision Might not Herald the Apocalypse

Globovision's main studios in Caracas (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

The day after the sale of Globovision was confirmed, Venezuelans awoke to new world devoid of any brave voices to question their Orwellian regime.

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Venezuela's Globovisión to be Sold but will Maintain Political Line

Subject to numerous criminal investigations, Globovisión faces an uncertain future (VTV/Archive)

Opposition television channel Globovisión will change hands, but is expected to maintain its anti-government editorial line.

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Venezuelan Opposition Channel Globovision to be Sold after Elections

The president of Globovision, Guillermo Zuloaga (CdO)

Globovision, an opposition news television station, announced yesterday that it has accepted a buyout offer, to be carried out after the 14 April presidential elections.

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Venezuela Launches Digital Television, Excludes Globovisión

Vice President Nicolas Maduro and Technology Minister Jorge Arreaza inaugurated the new digital television system on Wednesday (

The Venezuelan government launched a digital television system on Wednesday that provides free digital broadcasting to nearly sixty percent of the country but excludes the opposition channel Globovisión.

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Human Rights Watch Get it Wrong on Venezuela…Again

José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director of Human Rights Watch (EFE)

In their latest intervention into the debate over freedom of expression in Venezuela, Human Rights Watch has once again got it wrong.

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Opposition Cameraman Under Investigation for Gun Attack

Raul Canizales, 34, was shot in the neck during the altercation (CdO)

An official investigation has been launched into the shooting of a farm worker last Tuesday morning during an alleged confrontation with workers from the anti-government television station, Globovision.

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Venezuelan Opposition TV Channel Globovision to Pay Overdue Fine

Globovision newsroom (Carlos Mesa/ UN).

Opposition television channel Globovision has said it will pay a fine of US $2.2 million (9.3 million bolivars) today, eight months after it was first issued by Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel). 

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Venezuelan Authorities Regain Control of La Planta Prison after Violence

Prisons Minister Iris Valera (centre) helped negotiate a peaceful resolution to the armed standoff on Thursday night (Prensa MPP

On Thursday night Venezuelan authorities regained control of La Planta prison in Caracas after an outbreak of violence between prisoners.  The government pledged to guarantee the human rights of inmates and is transferring them to other penitentiary facilities ahead of La Planta’s closure. 

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