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Gender equality

Venezuela's LGBTQ Movement Presents Political Platform Ahead of Constituent Assembly

Venezuelans march during pride in Caracas. (VTV)

Venezuelan popular movements have begun to present their political objectives and advocate for greater rights within the upcoming Constituent Assembly.

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Venezuelan Women March for Revolution, Against Opposition Violence

Venezuelan women chant "Long live Chavez, the fight continues." (Reagan Des Vignes/teleSUR)
Hundreds of women rallied in Caracas Thursday, demanding an end to violent opposition protests.

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Voices from Venezuela’s International Women’s Day March

Venezuelan feminists organise against gender violence.
 (Rachael Boothroyd Rojas/Venezuelanalysis)

Three women indigenous and Afro-Venezuelan historical figures were ascended to the National Pantheon, while elsewhere feminists rallied to calls for an international women’s strike.

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Venezuelans Demand an End to Lesbo-Trans-Homophobia with Kisses and Culture

Couples celebrated love across the sexuality spectrum on Saturday with dozens of same-sex and trans couples kissing in Plaza Bol

Over the weekend, the sex and gender diversity movement organized a cultural takeover of public space in Caracas to call for a Venezuela free of lesbo-trans-homophobia.

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Venezuela Mourns Loss of Feminist Revolutionary Nora Castañeda

Nora Castañeda was one of Venezuela’s most celebrated feminist activists (PSUV)

Condolences and tributes have been pouring in from across Venezuela following news of Castañeda’s death on Saturday night.  

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A Glimpse at Communal Council Elections in Venezuela

Residents take a look at the list of candidates (Rachael Boothroyd - Venezuelanalysis)

On Saturday 7 June, neighbourhood residents in the community of Isais Medina Angarita in the Venezuelan state of Sucre held elections for their communal council, called "the Good Neighbour". 

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Childcare Workers Begin Vigil Outside National Assembly in Venezuelan Capital

madres integrales

With at least one representative from each of Venezuela’s 23 states, some 100 childcare workers gathered yesterday outside the National Assembly. “We’re revolutionaries, not slaves. We cannot live on 2975 bolivares a month—barely 70% of the nation’s minimum wage. And we get no benefits or pensions.”

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228 Venezuelan Movements Form Sexual Diversity Council

The sexual diversity assembly held yesterday in Caracas (agencies)

Movements for LGBTI rights in the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) met yesterday to form a sexual diversity council. Other movements and grassroots organisations in the revolutionary pole have also formed women’s, youth, and environmental councils, among others, in the lead up to the first national GPP assembly.

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Interview: Without Socialism, There Can be No True Feminism

Venezuelans celebrating International Women's Day 2012 (archive).

An interview with feminist activist Meglimar Melero from the Insumisas Collective and the Feminist Spider network discussing the feminist movement in Venezuela today.

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Venezuelan Rightwing “Crazy”: Refuses to Recognise the Protagonistic Role of Women in this Revolution

Argentinean activist, Hebe de Bonafini (

“We’re telling the opposition that they are crazy, they haven’t reviewed the figures on the protagonistic role of women, and they haven’t even done their homework in order to be able follow up this line of argument. Women are more present than ever in Hugo Chavez’s government. Furthermore, our Comandante has said that women are at the vanguard, without their participation, there will be no socialist revolution”.

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