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Venezuela’s PDVSA to Boost Gas Distribution

Venezuela has the world's eighth largest proven gas reserves. (AVN)

Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA announced Thursday plans to partner with private company Gavenplast to boost domestic gas production and distribution.

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Venezuela and Trinidad Sign Landmark Energy Agreements

Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Keith C. Rowley (left) and Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro (right) (Prensa Presidenci

Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago signed three agreements Monday focusing on oil and gas production.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Announces String of Emergency Economic Measures

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro addressing the nation. (@PresidencialVen)

The economic initiatives include changes to the country’s multi-tiered exchange rate, a rise in the domestic price of gasoline, the implementation of a new tax system, and placing more power over food distribution in the hands of organised communities.


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Venezuelan President Maduro Proposes to Increase World’s Cheapest Gasoline Price

President Maduro made the proposal at the close of the governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV)’s congress last Th

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has proposed to create a consensus around the need to increase the price of gasoline in the South American OPEC nation.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Attends Gas Exporting Countries Forum, Signs Agreements with Russia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (right) with Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the GECF summit yesterday (AVN)

Yesterday in Russia the Venezuelan government participated in the second summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF), and President Nicolas Maduro also held a private meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, signing five new cooperation agreements.

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Developing Socialist Production, Meeting the Needs of the Population

Making gas containers at the plant (RCG)

The PDVSA Gas Communal 'Ambrosio Plaza' plant in Las Guarenas, Miranda State, produces over 1,000 gas cylinders each day, contributing to guaranteeing the supply of subsidised gas for domestic use to the Venezuelan population. 90% of families use this gas for cooking and for their household needs.


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Venezuelan Opposition Jumps on National Tragedy

The fires resulting from the gas explosion at the Amuay refinery last Saturday have now been extinguished (

In the aftermath of this weekend’s tragic oil refinery explosion, the Venezuelan opposition and its allies in the private media issued a series of baseless claims aimed at fomenting fears and winning over voters.

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41 Killed in Gas Explosion in Venezuela, 3 Days of National Mourning Declared

Press images showed the extent of the damage at the Amuay refinery (6topoder)

The Venezuelan government has confirmed that 41 people have been killed in a gas explosion at the country's biggest oil refinery in Amuay, located in the western state of Falcón. An immediate investigation has been launched into the causes of the accident.

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Latin America and the Caribbean Move towards Energy Security

Ministers of Energy from the Countries of Latin America and the Caribbean meet in Caracas to discuss energy strategy for third C

One of the main issues analyzed during a meeting of the people responsible for the ‘energy area’ in the Countries of Latin America and Caribbean, was the construction of an institution in order to carry out proposals made within energy security, stated the Venezuelan Energy and Oil minister Rafael Ramirez.

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Bolivarian Government Meets People's Needs through PDVSA's 'Gas Comunal' Program

Workers at PDVSA's 'Gas Comunal' program take newly produced at-home gas tanks directly to the People's home

Through the PDVSA 'Gas Comunal' (or Communal Gas) program, the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela is providing low-income people with the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) they need for cooking at home. Here are a few images of the production and distribution process by which PDVSA Gas Comunal makes the at-home gas tanks and provides them to the Venezuelan People. 

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