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Chávez The Radical VII: “The Socialist Revolution Must Be Feminist”

Feminist Socialism

In Chávez The Radical VII, President Chávez reiterates his assertion that the Bolivarian Revolution is feminist. This declaration does not mean that the oppression of women has been eradicated from Venezuela; it highlights that the revolution has advanced gender equality in several concrete ways, while reinvigorating dialogue about the ways that sexism persists in Venezuelan society and must be dismantled through persistent action. 

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Venezuelan Feminists Protest Outside Guatemalan Embassy in Solidarity with 43 Girls Burned to Death

Venezuelan feminists protest outside Guatemalan embassy last week in solidarity with 43 girls killed in a shelter. (Aporrea TVI)

Venezuelan feminists protested outside the Guatemalan Embassy last Friday in solidarity with the 43 young girls that burned to death March 7th at a shelter near Guatemala City.

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Venezuelans Participate in International Women's Day Strike 8M

VA attended International Women's Day events in Barquisimeto, Lara state, that highlight key demands of the Venezuelan women's and feminist movements.



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Venezuela's Women's Ministry: Working to Reverse Damage Done by Capitalist Patriarchy

Maria Eugenia Acero Colomines, National Coordinator for Culture and Gender at the Venezuelan Ministry for Women and Gender Equal

Venezuelanalysis put three questions to Maria Eugenia Acero Colomines, National Coordinator for Culture and Gender at the Venezuelan Ministry for Women and Gender Equality on International Women’s Day.

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Venezuela's 2017 Grassroots Feminist Agenda

Venezuelans march calling for feminist socialism and for a an anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist society. (Venezuelan Feminist

The Network for Information and Safe Abortion (RIAS) elaborates on five points which they consider fundamental for 2017's feminist agenda in Venezuela. 

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The Meeting of a Feminist and Communal School

(National School of People's Feminism - Escuela Nacional de Feminismo Popular)

On October 2-4th, feminist movements and collectives from across Venezuela came together for the third National School of People’s Feminism. In the summary that follows, the People’s Feminist School details the workshops that were discussed, as well as their strategy for advancing feminist practices within the Bolivarian revolution, particularly in terms of the creation of the “anti-patriarchal” commune.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Vows Equal Gender Representation for Parliament on International Women’s Day

2500 women from throughout Venezuela attended Sunday's congress, debating heated issues ranging from same-sex marriage to a

A series of other measures put forward by Venezuela’s National Women’s Congress were also approved by the president, who called for a debate on legalising same-sex marriage and abortion. 

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On Mannequins and Plastic Surgery in Venezuela, Context is Key

(New York Times)

Are Venezolanas really that much more invested in a limited beauty standard than women elsewhere? As a Venezolana myself, I have to say that this article about the trend in ridiculously busty mannequins in Venezuela – and how that both reflects and affects a new-ish plastic-surgeried reality – made me bristle a bit in its ethnocentrism.

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II Meeting of Feminists and Women’s Organisations Concludes in Anozategui, Venezuela

One of the working groups at the meeting (Prensa MinMujer)

More than 200 women participated in the 2 meeting of Feminists and Women’s organisations held from Thursday 8 August to 11 August. Working groups were organised in order to discuss topics that contribute to feminist socialism.

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Venezuela, Chavez, and the Women’s Revolution

Some have argued that Chavez "masculinised" Venezuelan politics, yet women are everywhere to be seen in Venezuela's messy, problematic, beautiful and very joyful revolution.

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