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Venezuelan Opposition, Business Lobby to Boycott Constituent Assembly

Miranda Governor Henrique Capriles announced the Venezuelan opposition’s decision to boycott the constituent assembly on Sunda

The Venezuelan opposition and the country’s largest business lobby have rejected an invitation to participate in the process of convoking a national constituent assembly unveiled by the Maduro government.

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Chavismo Marches as Opposition Reels from Failed Strike

(Gregorio Terán, Juan Carlos La Cruz, Zurimar Campos)

The opposition’s call for a national strike last Friday was largely ignored by the majority of the population.  

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It is Necessary to Contextualize the Pragmatic and Populist Policies of the Chavista Government: An Interview with Steve Ellner

Steve Ellner is a well-known analyst of Venezuelan and Latin American politics and is a retired professor at the Universidad de

In the first section of this two-part interview, academic Steve Ellner discusses the recent charges of populism and pragmatism levelled at the Maduro-led government within the broader context of Chavista strategy vis-a-vis private sector business interests and the transition to socialism as a whole.

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Managers at Pharmaceutical Chain Arrested for Irregularities, Rightwing Cries Persecution


Several managers at the Venezuelan pharmaceutical chain, “Farmatodo,” have been questioned due to what authorities have described as a number of irregularities taking place at the business. 

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Venezuelans Protest Big Business for their Role in the Economic War

Cory Fischer-Hoffman/Venezuelanalysis

Amidst the ongoing “economic war” in Venezuela, 200 people from various political collectives marched to Fedecamaras headquarters to place a spotlight on how the largest business confederation may be contributing to scarcity, inflation and speculation in Venezuela. 

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Workers March against Venezuelan Business Federation to Protest “Economic War”

Pro-government trade unions marched against Venezuela’s main business federation last week to protest the “economic war” t

Pro-government trade unions marched against Venezuela’s main business federation last week to protest the “economic war” that workers argue the federation is waging against the government. 

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International Labor Organization Denies Venezuelan Business Association Request for Commission of Inquiry

Leroy Trotman, General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union and spokesperson of the ILO Governing Body Workers’ Group (I

The International Labor Organization (ILO) on Wednesday denied a request by Venezuela’s largest business association, Fedecamaras, to launch an ILO inquiry into supposed violations of rights in Venezuelan. 

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