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European Union

In Defense of Venezuela

Hundreds of thousands of Chavistas take part in the close of the campaign for National Constituent Assembly elections in Caracas

Renowned Portuguese intellectual Boaventura Sousa Santos calls on world powers to respect Venezuela's right to solve its current crisis democratically via a National Constituent Assembly. 

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Venezuela Declares Victory at OAS and UN

Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has welcomed the defeat of an OAS declaration against Venezuela. (Archive)

The Organisation of American States (OAS) failed Wednesday to pass a proposed declaration condemning Venezuela, while the country also secured majority support to head a comission at the UN. 

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Venezuelan FM Slams “Interventionist” Statement from Regional Governments

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez responds to the 11 country statement on state TV Tuesday. (ElUniversal)

FM Delcy Rodriguez has accused the 11 government that signed the declaration of hypocrisy. 


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International Community Responds to Venezuela’s Political Unrest

 Member states of the ALBA reject attempts to intervene in Venezuelan politics. (Twitter/EvoMoralesAyma)

The ALBA has rejected “attacks” against Venezuela, while Argentine President Mauricio Macri said his government would look to suspend the country from MERCOSUR. 


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EU Foreign Ministers Back UNASUR-led Dialogue in Venezuela

The EU Foreign Ministers’ Council endorsed UNASUR-led dialogue efforts in Venezuela during a meeting in Brussels on Monday. (E

The European Union’s Council of Foreign Ministers voiced their support Monday for the dialogue efforts between the Venezuelan government. 

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European Union Demands Release of “Political Prisoners”

The EU's legislative body met on Wednesday passing a resolution addressing Venezuela's current political and economic

The EU’s parliament passed a resolution this week calling for the immediate release of Venezuela’s political prisoners while further meddling in the South American nation’s domestic economic and political affairs.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Voices Solidarity with Greece, Rejects “Financial Blackmail”

Maduro stands with Greece after its government refused to pay $1.8 billion to the IMF (AVN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro voiced solidarity with the Greek government of Alexis Tsipras yesterday after the latter refused a payment of $1.8 billion to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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CELAC Strengthened by Second Annual Summit

Raul Castro (middle), the Cuban president and new president pro tempore of CELAC shakes hands with the previous one, Sebastian P

The recently formed Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) met last weekend with the European Union (EU) for a Business Summit, before holding its own annual summit over Sunday and Monday.

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EU Parliament Rejects Resolution Questioning Venezuela’s Withdrawal from IACHR

The European Parliament overwhelmingly rejected a resolution expressing “worry” over Venezuela’s possible IACHR withdrawal

With a massive walk-out on Thursday, members of the European Parliament rejected a resolution expressing “worry” over Venezuela’s possible withdrawal from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

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Germany Asks European Union to Step Up Support for Venezuela’s Opposition

The German Parliament (archives)

A German news website has revealed that the German government has been pushing for Eurozone countries to adopt a more active role in backing the current Venezuelan opposition coalition, the Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD), in the run up to this year’s presidential elections.

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