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Workers in Venezuelan State Companies Demand Improved Pay & Conditions

An assembly was called in Sidor on Thursday to reject the government’s stance in the contractual dispute. Production line work

Workers in state run steel and electricity companies are demanding improved wages and conditions, and have issued criticisms over the management of their respective industries.

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Attacks on Utilities and Other Violence Continues in Venezuela

The fire in Waraira Repano National Park (Marjuli Matheus/UN)

Attacks on utilities and public property have continued this week and so far no arrests of the perpetrators have been made.

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Venezuelan President Blames “Opposition Sabotage” for Blackout

Authorities will investigate the cause of Monday night’s black out (archive)

Last night a blackout which affected the majority of the country saw the national government accuse the rightwing of sabotage.

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Corpoelec Workers Protest Conditions as Venezuelan Electricity Minister Vows to “Restore Confidence” in Power Grid

Corpoelec workers protested in Carabobo on Wednesday (Noticias24)

Electricity minister Jesse Chacon has pledged to improve Venezuela's power grid following widespread blackouts on 3 September, while workers at the state energy company Corpoelec have protested against new employment conditions.

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Venezuelan Authorities Investigate Alleged Sabotage of National Power Grid UPDATED

The president has praised Corpoelec's response to the blackouts, which he has blamed on sabotage (VTV/Archive)

Following power outages that affected 70% of the country yesterday, the Venezuelan government has accused the far right of a rehearsal of an “electric coup”.

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Maduro Orders Military Protection of Venezuelan Electricity System against Presumed Sabotage

Interim President Nicolas Maduro ordered the Venezuelan military to protect power plants against what are claimed to be attempts

Interim President Nicolas Maduro yesterday ordered the Venezuelan military to protect power plants against what he claimed are attempts to sabotage Venezuela’s electricity system ahead of next week’s presidential election. 

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Venezuelans Take Part in Energy Saving Day, Promote Greater Responsibility

An ad promoting energy saving in Venezuela: “Energy saving is everyone’s responsibility” (

With a festive agenda of recreational activities that included sports, dance, music and games, Venezuelans celebrated International Energy Saving Day in the capital’s Francisco de Miranda park last Sunday 21 October.

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Venezuela: Building a Sustainable Electricity System

Venezuela is using public investment, foreign direct investment, public education, and the law in order to craft a sustainable solution to the rapidly growing demand for electricity that has resulted from economic growth and poverty reduction.

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Public Electricity Company Worker Charged with Sabotage

The Venezuelan government maintains a national state-run electricity company, Corpoelec (Photo: Archive).

Venezuelan authorities Tuesday charged an employee of the state-run electricity company Corpoelec with sabotage, saying the act led to a major electricity failure across several states in May.

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Venezuelan Government Responds to High Electricity Demand with Measures

Venezuelan vice-president Elias Jaua and  Electricity Minister Ali Rodriguez at a press conference on 12 June 2011 (Photo: Corre

Due to increased electricity use as well as the global need to save energy, the Venezuelan government is implementing a number of measures to encourage the private, public, and domestic sectors to reduce usage.

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