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El Sistema

New Evidence Points to Protesters in Death of Venezuelan Violinist

Armando Cañizales was killed by an eight-millimeter ball bearing allegedly fired by fellow opposition demonstrators. (FundaMusi

New evidence released Friday suggests Venezuelan opposition demonstrators may be responsible for the death of Armando Cañizales at a protest last week.

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“Model of Tyranny” Criticism of Venezuela’s El Sistema Youth Orchestra System Provokes Response

An open concert in 2011 at the Nucleo of Santa Cruz in the Andean state of Merida, to the west of Venezuela. It is one of 180 ce

A British academic has criticised Venezuela’s El Sistema youth orchestra system as a “model of tyranny”, provoking a response from a range of UK and Venezuelan music figures over the nature of the world famous program.

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Venezuelan Music Project Helps Low-Income Kids Even Before Birth

A member of 'El Sistema' plays on a harp, as part of its 'New Members' program, next to a newborn baby at a

It used to only admit children aged at least 5. But under its latest "New Members" projects, hundreds of smaller infants can receive voice lessons, musical initiation with paper-made instruments, and free concerts, at its base in Caracas.

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Venezuela Expanding Music Program for Expecting Mothers

El Sistema, the country's classical music program, is reaching out to babies to lure them into the world of music and stay

Venezuela is using its renown classical music program to help fetal development among expecting mothers as part of a new hospital project, according to media reports on Tuesday.

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Venezuela’s “El Sistema” Youth Orchestra System Expands to Public Institutions

Nicolas Maduro was present at the inauguration of the new centre (agencies)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro inaugurated a new children’s music centre in the headquarters of the electricity ministry on Thursday as part of plans to greatly increase the number of children receiving free classical music education in the country.

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In Defense of El Sistema: The Case For Radical Public Arts

Conductor Gustavo Dudamel leads an orchestra in a barrio in Caracas, Venezuela. The 28-year-old is one of El Sistema’s most su

The Bolívar Symphony Orchestra is, along with Dudamel himself, perhaps the most widely revered product of the Fundación Musical Simón Bolívar. Colloquially known as “El Sistema,” and funded entirely by the Venezuelan government the FMSB has over the past 37 years succeeded in its task of training literally hundreds of thousands of kids in classical music and technique.


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Britain's Most Musical Estate? Inspiration from Venezuela's Music Program

Credit: BBC

Four years ago only one child on the Raploch estate in Stirling was learning a musical instrument. There are now 450 kids who are not only playing instruments, but are part of an orchestra. The project was inspired by Venezuela's El Sistema program, and last week worked with Venezuela's Simon Bolivar Symphany Orchestra.

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José Antonio Abreu on Venezuela's El Sistema Miracle

Young students with El Sistema founder Abreu (centre) and conductor Gustavo Dudamel in Caracas, Venezuela. (Sandra Bracho/PR com

In a rare interview, El Sistema founder José Antonio Abreu talks about his passion for Venezuela's extraordinary musical programme that gives children a route out of poverty

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There is Something About El Sistema

Venezuela’s innovative “El Sistema” youth orchestra program is spreading across the United States (Paratimama)

It started in a little town in Venezuela almost 35 years ago, made its way to cities in the U.S. and is now a global phenomenon. El Sistema, which doesn't translate well, means simply "the system," a system for giving young, usually poor kids, a chance on living.

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Venezuelan Government Hands out Traditional Musical Instruments as Part of Crime Prevention Strategy

Children receiving their musical instruments (Mpprij)

On Monday the Venezuelan government handed out 600 musical instruments to children from ten schools in Caracas, as part of a strategy to prevent crime, and bringing the number of instruments handed out so far to a total of 1,600.

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