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El Salvador

FMLN and Via Campesina Back Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

FMLN International Relations Secretary Nidia Diaz expresses her party's solidarity with Venezuela. (Prensa Latina)

Two prominent grassroots organizations have voiced support for National Constituent Assembly elections in Venezuela amid mounting international pressure for Caracas to withdraw the initiative.

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OAS’ Almagro Faces Renewed Calls for Resignation over Campaign Against Venezuela

OAS head Luis Almagro  has called for the democratic charter to be invoked against Venezuela. (AFP)
Organisation of American States head Luis Almagro faced a wave of demands for his resignation Thursday, after he called for fresh elections in Venezuela.

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Hugo Chavez College Program Launched by Nicaragua's Sandinistas

Hugo Chavez Plaza in Managua, Nicaragua honoring the late Venezuelan leader. (United Socialist Party of Venezuela).
Socialism, Bolivarianism, liberation theology, Afro-Indigenous history, and anti-colonial history are among the many topics that will be studied.

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Venezuela Set to Export Fishing and Aquaculture Products to El Salvador

A socialist fish market in Venezuela. (INSOPECA)

Venezuela and El Salvador signed bilateral cooperation agreements this week in Caracas.

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US Threatens to Cut Aid to El Salvador for Backing Venezuela

FMLN Secretary General Medardo Gonzalez defended the government's decision to stand in solidarity with Venezuela. (Photo: E

The United States is threatening the small Central American country of El Salvador with financial repercussions for having supported Venezuela's campaign seeking the repeal of sanctions against the country.

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Marta Harnecker: El Salvador, a New Progressive Hope in Latin America

Salvador Sanchez Ceren (Links / archive)

In this interview, Marta Harnecker discusses the possibilities for radical transformation in El Salvador under the new government of Salvador Sanchez Ceren. She compares the experience in El Salvador with that of Venezuela, and explains the impact Venezuela has had on progressive movements in the region.

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El Salvador Enters Venezuela’s Petrocaribe Oil Alliance

A previous Petrocaribe Ministerial Council Meeting. (AVN)

El Salvador was confirmed this morning as an official member of Petrocaribe, an alliance forged by late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez with many Caribbean states to promote economic and social integration by trading oil at preferential prices.

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Venezuela Anticipates Improved Relations with Panama, El Salvador Following Newly Elected Leaders

Nicolas Maduro and Salvador Sanchez Ceren visited Hugo Chavez’s remains in Caracas on Friday. (Archive)

On Sunday Juan Carlos Varela was announced the victor of Panama’s presidential electoral race, with 39.2% of the popular vote. Just hours after the results were announced, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro called to offer a renewal of diplomatic relations between the two nations, to be recognized as soon as Varela takes office on 1 July.

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Venezuela Congratulates FMLN Victory in El Salvador

El Salvador's Salvador Sanchez Cerén met with Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro last July, in Nicaragua, while Cer

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ebulliently congratulated president-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén of El Salvador’s FMLN party, who yesterday was declared winner by just 6,000 votes after a tense electoral race. But his well-wishing may be premature.

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In Venezuela, Music Eases Pain of Kids with Cancer

Patients receiving chemotherapy play the maracas at the JM de los Rios pediatric hospital in Caracas on September 26, 2013 (AFP/

Nine-year-old Victoria Alzuru looks earnest and determined and happy as she practices her violin before undergoing chemotherapy. 

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