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Coup d'etat

Berta Cáceres’ Organization Expresses Solidarity with Bolivarian Revolution

Thousands of Venezuelan women marched Saturday chanting "No to violence, yes to peace and to life" to voice their supp

The indigenous organization of recently assassinated leader Berta Cáceres expressed their solidarity with Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and especially women in light of recent opposition violence and US threats for tougher sanctions.

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Venezuela Withdraws Ambassador After Legislative Coup in Brazil

The Venezuelan and Brazilian flags are featured in this image (Nodal).

The Venezuelan government decided to withdraw its ambassador after the Brazilian Senate impeached Dilma Rousseff in a trial many social movement activists and political leaders have referred to as a coup d’état.

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Venezuela: Answer Coups and Economic Sabotage with a Revolutionary Offensive

The Venezuelan masses must launch a revolutionary offensive, says the author. (Credit: AVN)

The Marxist Tendency of  the PSUV argues that the current crisis cannot be resolved by making concessions to the bourgeoisie and that the only solution is a revolutionary offensive that places the means of production under workers' control and thoroughly revolutionizes the armed forces.  

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Coup Plot in Venezuela Thwarted

The coup involved plans to assassinate Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro (TeleSUR)

Coup plotters planned on assassinating the Venezuelan president and installing a de facto government.

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Three Venezuelan Air Force Generals Arrested for Alleged Coup Plotting

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested. (prensa

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested, after they were denounced by lower-ranking officials for their involvement in alleged coup plans.

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Paraguay Breaks Relations with Venezuela amid Intervention Accusation

New Paraguayan President Federico Franco (Reuters).

Paraguay’s new government has broken diplomatic relations with Venezuela after accusing it of meddling in Paraguay’s internal affairs. Several Latin American diplomats and media sources have cast doubt upon the allegations. 

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Coups 2.0 in the Americas

The coup in Paraguay (Rebelion)

The right are willing to do anything to combat and undermine the exciting new stage of anti-capitalist governments and movements in Latin America, including coups. Since the failed coup in Venezuela (2002) they have been trying new "types" of coups, such as the recent one in Paraguay.

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The Coups d'État in Latin America and the Dangers Facing Venezuela

The denunciation made by the Venezuelan minister and the one made by President Chávez again bring to public discussion the topic of the coups d'état in Latin American countries, particularly at a time when the government of Venezuela is denouncing Colombia's plans, encouraged by the United States, to create the conditions “to justify an aggression against our nation on the basis of false-positives or simulations of punishable deeds.”

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Coups, UNASUR, and the U.S.

In early August, UNASUR met in Ecuador, which assumed the presidency of the organization. The announced goal of the meeting was to carry forward the process of integration, but the meeting took place under the shadow of renewed U.S. military intervention. 

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The Counter-Revolution Will Not be Tweeted

A comparison of the Coup in Honduras with the Coup of 2002 in Venezuela. The recent street rebellions against the Ahmadinejad regime in Iran were touted by many as the first baptism-by-fire of Twitter as a political tool. Celebratory articles abounded for a brief time, before such foolish dreams came crashing back to earth under the weight of a metric ton of misinformation, unsubstantiated rumor, and idle gossip..

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