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ALBA Declaration on Copenhagen Climate Summit

The following is the statement issued by the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) on 18 December in response to the results of the UN Copenhagen Climate Summit.

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Venezuela: What is happening in the Copenhagen Summit is Unacceptable

The Venezuelan delegation to the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark, denounced Tuesday the attitude of developed countries in the world meeting for not committing to reduce emissions of polluting gases because this would presumably affect their economies.

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Presidents of Venezuela and Bolivia will raise the Voice of ALBA at Copenhagen

ALBA heads of state agree to a common position to take to Copenhagen Climate Summit (EFE)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez announced that, together with his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales, he will attend the Climate Summit taking place in Copenhagen, to put forward a “single voice” on behalf of the countries comprising the Bolivarian Alliance for the peoples of our America (ALBA).

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