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Protesting Against Consumerism in Venezuela

Protest in Merida against consumerism. Placards (from left to right) “fight against speculation”, “0-800 Consciousness”

As the Venezuelan government continues to crack down on hoarding and speculation, this week a small protest against consumerism took place in Merida. In many parts of the country there have been large lines outside stores forced to lower prices and supermarkets where scarce goods appear, while nationwide the consumer protection body Indepabis is regularly inspecting businesses for price infractions.

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Devaluation, Consumerism, and the Media

Venezuelans wait in line to buy Chinese Haier brand products subsidized by the Venezuelan government

In light of Venezuela’s recent currency devaluation, Venezuelan blogger and technology activist Luigino Bracci Roa argues that a change in attitudes towards consumption and technology is required.

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Daily Chronicles from the Consumerist Dictatorship in Venezuela

Arriving in Caracas during the Christmas period with images of the ex GDR [German Democratic Republic] or the USSR is a big mistake. The model mangers are everywhere, even in the military barracks. There’s no official government building without its mangers and its Christmas trees. In the metro stations of Moscow, sorry, of Caracas, Christmas songs are playing and there have even been some Christmas concerts – I’m serious – by the Venezuelan Orchestral System...

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Venezuela’s 21st Century Socialism and the Difficult Journey from ‘Me’ to ‘Us’

The Venezuela of today is a nation mobilized in defense of a new ideal – a proposal for the future referred to simply as Socialismo del Siglo 21, or 21st Century Socialism. In this analysis, Rosales seeks to contextualize a few of the guiding principles being used by the Venezuelan people in their struggle to consolidate a socialist society, and takes a brief glimpse at the challenge faced by 21st Century Socialism in the fight against capital’s culture of consumption that remains quite present in the Venezuela of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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Umbrellas and Children’s Theater

An x-ray of Venezuelan society, where the petroleum-derived income and the parasitic business class deform our consumption parameters and misdirect the path towards socialism.

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