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Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Indigenous Radio Station

The exterior of the Perijanera 95.1 community radio station in Machiques de Perija, Zulia, following an alleged opposition attac

Venezuela’s opposition protesters were accused Monday of attacking an indigenous meeting space and community radio station, as unrest continued in the South American country.

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3 Die in Venezuelan Opposition Barricades

Venezuelan opposition groups have been accused of endangering civilians with barricades covering roads. (Reuters/ Carlos Barria)

Venezuelan authorities said Wednesday they were investigating two deaths possibly caused by opposition barricades.

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ALBA Movements Summit Convokes Grassroots Media Activists from across Latin America

 The forum was organised by ALBA Movements, and held between February 24th-28th just outside of Caracas, Venezuela. (Rachael Boo

Dozens of representatives of social movements and grassroots media from 24 Latin American and Caribbean nations gathered in Caracas last week to devise a continental communicational strategy to counter the resurgent power of the right-wing in the region.

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Struggle Ahead for Venezuela Grassroots as Right-Wing Sworn In

After the electoral loss, Maduro called for street assemblies and meetings to reflect on changes needed and make proposals. (AVN

Facing possible austerity and a return to neoliberalism at the hands of a right wing parliament, will the millions involved in the Bolivarian revolution radicalize further and protect their 15 years of gains, or will this be the blow that finally dampens their revolutionary joy and collective ambition? 


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#LATE: A “People’s Campaign” for the Commune and Chavismo’s Revolutionary Rebirth

The Commune (#LATE)

#LATE, “Every heartbeat counts”. The provocative slogan is flooding Venezuelan social media in recent weeks, appearing in vibrantly colored artwork, videos, and other multimedia. Much more than a passing hashtag, the campaign is the work of an army of revolutionary artists and grassroots media activists seeking to reinvent the aesthetic narrative of the Bolivarian Revolution, overcome "the exhaustion of the image of Chávez" and situate the commune at its “symbolic center”.


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National Alternative Media Meeting and Venezuelan Government Agree on Steps Forward

Ministry of communications representative Reinaldo Escorcia (CdO)

While members of the communications ministry met with hundreds of community and alternative media over the weekend to look at ways to support that movement, other government officials met with private media on Monday to encourage them to promote better values.

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Venezuela Launches New Integrated Media System

Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas (left) and Vice President Nicolás Maduro (right) announced the launch of the new syste

Communications Minister Ernesto Villegas announced the launch of a new state media system on Saturday that will encompass all state and community media outlets.

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South America: A Panorama of Media Democratization

AINI Noticias

Media in Latin America have traditionally been consolidated into the hands of a few wealthy families and large media conglomerates. Over the last decade and a half, however, several governments in the region, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, have moved to democratize media.

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Democratizing Media in Latin America: An Interview with Carlos Ciappina


Carlos Ciappina, secretary of the Journalism and Social Communication School of the National University of La Plata, Argentina, explains why the school decided to award Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez a prize for popular communication in 2011, and discusses democratisation of media in Latin American more generally.

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“Media Should be Defined by Participation”: An Interview with Venezuelan Community TV Tatuy

In the Tatuy recording studio (Tatuy TV)

Carlos Camacho, a member of Venezuelan community television station Tatuy TV, discusses with the importance of community media for the realisation of participatory democracy in Venezuela, as well as the highs and lows experienced by the Tatuy TV project. 

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