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Colombia-Venezuela Relations

Venezuelan Troops Retreat from Colombian Border, Clash with Paramilitaries

The porous, rugged Venezuela/Colombia border has long been a cause of tension between the two neighbours, and has repeatedly bee

Venezuela said Thursday a group of its soldiers had retreated from a border camp, after officials in Bogota accused the troops of straying into Colombian territory.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Denounces “Xenophobic” Remarks by Colombian Vice-President

Maduro denounced the Colombian leader's statements as a “xenophobic aggression against the people of Venezuela". (@P

Maduro demanded Colombian Vice-President German Vargas Lleras apologize after he suggested Venezuelans be excluded from the neighboring country’s social programs.

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Venezuela Begins Charging in Foreign Currency for Gas Sales Along Border

Gas sales in foreign currency begin along the Colombia-Venezuela border. (AFP)

The policy change is aimed at ending fuel contraband along the border.


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Venezuelan Reflections on Peace in Colombia

A person attends an event supporting peace in Colombia (Getty Images).

Despite Sunday's shocking electoral outcome, Venezuela’s Bolivarian government and its grassroots movements have expressed unwavering solidarity and their relentless commitment to peace in Colombia.

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Colombia Arrests Suspect in Assassination of Venezuelan Tupamaro

File photo of former Venezuelan deputy legislator Cesar Vera, who was killed earlier this year in a suspected paramilitary attac

Colombian authorities say they have arrested an alleged paramilitary fighter accused of assassinating a Venezuelan politician earlier this year.

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Maduro Congratulates Colombia on Historic Peace Accords

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro celebrated the accords publicly via his Twitter account earlier this week. (Reuters)

President Nicolás Maduro voiced his nation's support and commiment to accompany Colombia in its new chapter toward establishing peace after more than 50 years of armed conflict.


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Venezuela, Colombia to Temporarily Reopen Border

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (C) and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) agreed to reopen their countries’ share
Venezuela and Colombia agreed Thursday to reopen their shared border over the weekend.

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Venezuela, Colombia Consider Special ID for Border Residents

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez (right) and her Colombian counterpart Maria Angela Holguin (left) held talks Thursda

Venezuela and Colombia may soon reopen their shared border, after talks between the two countries Thursday.

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Venezuela Partially Lifts Six-Month Closure of Colombian Border

The Venezuelan-Colombian border was reopened on Saturday after a six-month closure. (Agencias)

The Venezuelan government partially lifted its six-month closure of the Colombian border on Saturday, allowing the crossing of heavy-load vehicles during restricted daytime hours.


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Venezuela Prolongs Border Closure as Colombia Admits Drop in Crime

The border with Colombia in Venezuela’s Tachira state has been closed since mid-August. (TeleSUR/Archive)

The Venezuelan government announced a 60-day extension of partial closures along its western Colombian border on Monday after Bogota acknowledged a drop in crime and smuggling in the border region. 

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