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Chavez passing

Venezuela Marks 4 Years Since Chavez’s Final Speech

President Nicolas Maduro and his supporters remembered former president Hugo Chavez Thursday, four years after the iconic leader

Venezuelans marked Thursday the four year anniversary of former president Hugo Chavez’s last speech, with current head of state President Nicolas Maduro calling for national unity.

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Venezuela Remembers Chavez

A march in Merida. (Ewan Robertson/Venezuelanalysis)

The one year anniversary of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's death was commemorated across Venezuela on 5 March.

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Audio Alleging Hugo Chavez “Still Alive” Condemned by Venezuelan Government

Venezuelan president Maduro has condemned the recording as the work of the right-wing opposition (Prensa Presidencial)

An audio recording allegedly of the voice of late President Hugo Chavez affirming that he is “still alive” has been condemned by the Venezuelan government as a “disgusting montage”.

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Account of a Day with Nicolas Maduro (Interview)

Maduro talking with Topo journalists (El Viejo Topo)

In this interview translated by, El Viejo Topo journalists talk with Nicolas Maduro about his life, political formation, and the long story of how he got to know Chavez and then fought alongside him, before he was elected president until he died.

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A Half-Year without Hugo Chávez and Critics Close In

A mural underway in Chacao, Caracas (AVN)

Clara argues that things "aren't the same" following Chavez's passing in March,  and that some writers who previously defended the Bolivarian process "have begun to voice doubts". She then interviewed Roland Denis, to get his perspective.

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Why Did Washington Hate Hugo Chavez? An Interview with Author and Revolutionary Eva Golinger


Mike Whitney speaks with attorney and writer Eva Golinger about Hugo Chavez, US/Venezuelan relations and the future of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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The New Yorker Should Ignore Jon Lee Anderson and Issue a Correction on Venezuela

Anderson's "Slumlord" in the New Yorker contained numerous factual errors (

While one can applaud Jon Lee Anderson for finally acknowledging the value of social indicators and statistical data, he and his magazine cannot be allowed to define “social inequality” any way they see fit.

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Nicolas Maduro's Speech at the Funeral of President Hugo Chavez

Nicolas Maduro (right), at Chavez's funeral on 8 March (AFP)

Translated here is the moving speech Nicolas Maduro gave at Chavez's funeral. He discussed the importance of Chavez in history, and the legacy of tasks he leaves behind for his country.

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Life and Legacy of Hugo Chavez: What next for the Bolivarian Revolution?

Event information
Sat, 20/04/2013 - 14:00
The Black E, 1 Great George Street, L1 5EW Liverpool

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The 14 April Venezuelan Presidential Election Campaign: Start of a New Era

Although the results of the presidential elections in a few weeks are quite predictable, we are going through a fragile, vulnerable period, with a future that is less predictable. These elections, because of their place in history- the start of the era of the Bolivarian revolution without Chavez – have some special characteristics and factors.

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