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Chavez: Every Venezuelan to Have Dignified Home by 2019 “Whatever it Costs”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Council of Ministers meeting last Thursday 8 November (prensa Miraflores)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made a commitment that every Venezuelan family must have a dignified home by 2019 “whatever it costs”.

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Venezuela’s National Cement Production up 10% in 2011

Venezuela’s cement industry was nationalised in 2008 (AVN)

Venezuela produced 7.79 million tonnes of cement in 2011, an increase of almost 10% from 7.1 million tonnes in 2010, the Venezuelan Minister of Industries Ricardo Menendez confirmed this week.

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Venezuelan Government to Establish National Cement Distribution System, Increases Prices

The regulated cement price is to be increased (RNV)

The Venezuelan government is to establish a new system for the distribution and sale of nationalised cement, and has also announced an increase in regulated cement prices. 

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Nationalized Cement Maker Starts Arbitration Against Venezuela

Cement worker in Venezuela (Murray Cox)
The second largest cement producer in the world, Holcim of Switzerland, announced on Monday that it was starting international arbitration to obtain what it called “full compensation” for its assets. Meanwhile, the Chávez government is also stepping up its efforts to take over abandoned hotels.

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