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Venezuelan Carnival "El Callao" Comes to a Close in Caracas

There was plenty of revolutionary sentiment! (David Rojas - Venezuelanalysis)

Thousands of Venezuelan families turned out for the closing procession of Carnaval "El Callao," held across the country this Tuesday in Venezuela.

Here Venezuelanalysis brings readers a selection of photos from the celebrations in Los Proceres, Caracas. 

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Protests Continue as Venezuela Goes on Vacation

Violent opposition protestors in the Chacao municipality of Caracas on Sunday (Federico Parra)

Opposition protests continue in Venezuela, while masses of holiday-goers have headed to the beach to escape the unrest.

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Carnaval and anti-bullfighting marches:

The anti-bullfighting march in Merida (Ewan Robertson/

It's carnaval time, which is seeing Venezuela enter the colourful contradiction of tradition, celebration, costume parades, nationalism and internationalism, bullfights, and counter bullfight culture and marches, rest, drunkeness, and many small children dressed as Bolivar.

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Carnival in Venezuela

"Sons and daughters of Venezuela mission" (Rachael Boothroyd - Venezuelanalysis)

A selection of images from the carnival celebrations in Caracas and the anti-bull fighting demonstrations in the Andean state of Merida.

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Venezuela’s Carnival Celebrations Draw to a Close

Carnaval in El Pinar Zoo, Caracas (Ciudad CCS)

From costume parades, to beaches, theatre, and bullfighting, Venezuela has stopped for Carnival over the last week. Some festivities have received organisational support from communal councils, and the government has also reported a significant decrease in motor vehicle accidents.

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