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Bolivarian Revolution

The State of the Left in Latin America: A Disillusioned Revolution in Venezuela

(Jorge Silva/Reuters)

Gabriel Hetland and George Ciccariello-Maher debate the state of the Bolivarian revolution at Left Forum.

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The Need to Radicalise the Bolivarian Revolution – Interview With Jorge Martín (Part 2)

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called for a Constituent Assembly on May 1st, 2017 (AVN)

Venezuela watcher Jorge Martín argues the country’s constituent assembly must radicalise the Bolivarian revolution.

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Saturday's Unrest: Guarimba Violence vs. Chavista Salsa Therapy

Opposition supporters engaged in violent protest against the Bolivarian government and clashed with authorities. (AFP)

This weekend, Venezuela witnessed two distinct mobilizations: one peacefully favoring the Bolivarian process and the other, bent on its demise, taking to the streets in violent protest.

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Join "Inside the Bolivarian Revolution" Delegation with VA

Venezuelans gather outside of a political formation part of the Panapana Commune, Miranda State. (PSUV Miranda)

Join for our August 2017 delegation, "Inside the Bolivarian Revolution".

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Venezuela's Communal Movement

The cover of "Building the Commune" by George Ciccariello-Maher (archives).

Stanfield Smith reviews George Ciccariello-Maher's latest book "Building the Commune," which theorises the construction of the communal state in Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Declares Three-Day National Mourning for Fidel Castro

President Maduro pays homage to the late Cuban leader. (Prensa Miraflores)

 President Nicolas Maduro ordered three days of national mourning for the legendary Cuban leader Fidel Castro who died on Friday night.

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Venezuelan Government Laments Death of Ex Chávez Ally Luis Miquilena

Former Chávez ally Luis Miquilena died at the age of 97 on Thursday. (Archive)

The Bolivarian government issued an official communiqué Thursday mourning the death of long time Venezuelan politician and entrepreneur Luis Miquilena.

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Venezuelan Masses Takeover Caracas in Defense of the Bolivarian Revolution

Women, men, children, young people and the elderly showed their solidarity and support on Monday and will continue to do so thro

Over the last several days, Venezuelans have mobilized to express their solidarity with President Maduro’s administration and in defense of the Bolivarian Process.

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“We Will Defend the Revolutionary Process”: Afro-Venezuelan Youth and Today's Struggle for Freedom

Afro-Venezuelan children practice traditional music at a cultural center in Barlovento, Miranda State. (Jeanette Charles)

VA’s Jeanette Charles speaks with one youth organizer about his movement's commitment to continue the revolutionary legacy of the Afro-Venezuelan people.


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Caracas “Afro Chávez” Forum Inaugurates Afro-Venezuelan Month

Afro-Venezuelan pre-independence leaders depicted in a mural at a cultural center in Acevedo, Miranda State. (Jeanette Charles)

Afro-Venezuelan revolutionaries came together on Tuesday for a forum to commemorate the Black political legacy of Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution. 


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