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Attorney General Luisa Ortega

Venezuela’s ANC Names New Attorney General & National Ombudsman

Human rights activist Tarek William Saab is Venezuela’s new Attorney General. (RNV)

Human rights activist and former national Ombudsman Tarek William Saab became Venezuela’s new Attorney General Saturday, after former chief prosecutor Luisa Ortega was controversially dismissed by the country’s newly elected National Constituent Assembly. 

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Venezuela’s Maduro Integrates Truth Commission into ANC

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has stated the truth commission's mandate will be extended under the national constitue

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro signed a decree Wednesday to incorporate a truth commission into the country's National Constituent Assembly. 

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Reinaldo Iturriza: "What Is at Stake Is the Fate of Venezuela’s Revolutionary Democratic Experiment"

Working class unity behind the National Constituent Assembly is the condition for both its success and the survival of the Bolivarian Revolution, argues the former communes minister. 

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Venezuelan Attorney General Skips Court Hearing, Alleges “Coup”

The Supreme Court will issue its decision within the next five days. (@TSJ_Venezuela)

The standoff between Venezuela’s branches of government further escalated Tuesday as the Supreme Court held an impeachment hearing for Attorney General Luisa Ortega over allegations of “grave misconduct”. 

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Venezuela's Supreme Court Orders Travel Ban, Asset Freeze Against Attorney General

Venezuela's top prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, has become a fierce critic of the TSJ. (MPPRIJP)

Venezuela's Supreme Court ordered a travel ban and asset freeze against Attorney General Luisa Ortega Wednesday over alleged misconduct in her office's response to 13 weeks of violent anti-government protests that have claimed 93 lives to date. 

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Venezuela’s Supreme Court Admits Legal Request to Impeach Attorney General

Legislator for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Pedro Carreño, filed the challenge against Ortega last Friday. (AVN)

The Supreme Court has officially accepted a legal request filed by Venezuelan legislator Pedro Carreño, asking the body to assess the possibility of bringing impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Luisa Ortega.


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Is Venezuela’s Attorney General Biased Towards the Opposition?

Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz. (Luis Robayo/AFP/Getty Images)
Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega is fueling a climate of impunity vis-a-vis deadly opposition violence, argues VA's Lucas Koerner.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court Rejects Attorney General’s Demands for Judge Removals

Venezuela's highest court has dismissed two cases by Ortega this week. (TSJ)

Venezuela’s highest court dismissed Wednesday a call from the attorney general for the removal of its judges.

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Venezuela’s Attorney General Demands Supreme Court Judges be Removed, Put on Trial

Venezuela’s chief prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, has filed a motion to remove 33 Supreme Court judges. (Reuters).

Attorney General Luisa Ortega has filed a motion for the removal of more than 30 Supreme Court judges, and will attempt to bring charges against eight of them. 

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Venezuelan Attorney General Comes Under Fire After Controversial Press Conference

Attorney General Luisa Ortega's leadership of the state prosecution has come under criticism since her press conference on

Attorney General Luisa Ortega has been accused of exercising excessive leniency in prosecuting those arrested during violent opposition protests.

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