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Alternative Chavista Website Aporrea Reports Cyber Attack in Venezuela

Caption: The alternative Chavista website Aporrea was formed in 2002. (Aporrea)

The alternative Chavista website Aporrea is operational again after almost a week offline due to a string of “intense and sustained” cyber attacks, says the media collective.

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Ideological Diversity within the Bolivarian Revolution: Interview with Aporrea's Gonzalo Gomez

Gonzalo Gómez speaking to an opposition crowd at the controversial Forum on Margarita Island.  Gómez has been widely criticise

In this interview, Gonzalo Gómez, founder of leftist Venezuelan website and militant of  Marea Socialista (Socialist Tide) criticizes the PSUV for stifling political debates. He also expresses regret for participating in a debating panel with members of the right-wing opposition, and defends Aporrea from claims that it is financed by the CIA.

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Keys to Understanding What’s Going On

“Don’t worry, Nicolás, don’t worry, Venezuela — we already know where the coups come from.” (Uncas/Ciudad CCS)

The reality, already difficult in itself to decipher, is becoming all the more so through the work of the media who, far from being a means of communication, have transformed themselves into veritable cannons in this war that our country is now suffering.

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Alternative Venezuelan News Website at 10 Years

Venezuelan alternative news website reached its tenth anniversary today, marking a milestone in Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution.

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