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Access to technology

Robotics Classroom Program Promotes Venezuelan Children’s Technological Talent

One of the robots (VTV)

Thanks to the Creative Classrooms Program called I like Robotics, that the Venezuelan government is promoting, children between the ages of eight and twelve years are involved in the technological advances of the country, with the building of robots.

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Science for Need not Greed: Venezuela’s Optical Instrument Plant

Elias Sanchez with some of the telescope prototypes (Tamara Pearson/

In these interviews with three workers at Venezuela’s new telescope plant, looks at how scientific work and community work can go hand in hand, and how science can be used as a tool for liberation and human development.

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Devaluation, Consumerism, and the Media

Venezuelans wait in line to buy Chinese Haier brand products subsidized by the Venezuelan government

In light of Venezuela’s recent currency devaluation, Venezuelan blogger and technology activist Luigino Bracci Roa argues that a change in attitudes towards consumption and technology is required.

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Venezuela’s Canaima Computer Project Progresses to Next Stage


One of the most successful projects of the government of Hugo Chavez took another leap forward last week, with the announcement that Venezuela is expected to produce 1,200,000 Canaima computers this year.

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Venezuela to Launch Satellite for Land and Environmental Planning

A model of the satellite, at the signing of the agreement with China (AVN).

The Venezuelan government signed an agreement with China last Thursday to build and launch a second satellite, this time for environmental management, urban planning, agricultural activity, climate and climate change monitoring, containment of the advance of desertification, and attending to and mitigating extreme conditions.

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UNESCO Awards Venezuela for Providing Free Access to Internet

An internet centre (AVN)

On Wednesday Venezuelan Foundation Infocentros was awarded the UNESCO King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize in recognition of its work providing everyone with access to information and communication technologies to traditionally excluded sectors.

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Venezuela to Provide Children with 50,000 Mini Laptops

This week the Venezuelan Education Ministry began its program, dubbed Project Canaima, to provide primary schools with mini laptops, and incorporate the technology into the education system.

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Venezuela: 21st Century Technology for 21st Century Socialism

Nestled in the heart of Barrio 23 de Enero, a large impoverished neighborhood in Caracas, among the man-made ranchos with red brick walls and metal roofing, stands the Ramon Ismael Ramos Infocenter. It is one of several government programs aimed at improving access to technology among those near or below the poverty line.

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