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2017 regional elections

Venezuela Brings Forward Regional Elections as Pence Vows More Intervention

US Vice President Mike Pence speaking in Colombia. (AP)

Washington threatened further actions against Venezuela Tuesday as the country’s National Constituent Assembly brought forward gubernatorial elections to October. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Faces Internal Split

Vente Venezuela head Maria Machado has condemned the opposition for agreeing to run candidates in the December 10 regional elect

Venezuela’s opposition’s internal strife spilled over Thursday, when a prominent far right party announced plans to split over an election boycott.

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Venezuela's CNE Opens Registration for Regional Elections as it Plans to Press Charges Against "Smartmatic"

Venezuelan National Electoral Council headquarters in Caracas (archive).

The Venezuelan electoral branch opened its candidate registration for this year's regional elections. Twenty-two parties are eligible to register candidates, while the MUD has been excluded from in 7 states.  

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Venezuelan Opposition Divided on Regional Election Boycott

Venezuela's opposition remains divided over whether to participate in long awaited regional elections. (Archive)

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition failed Thursday to reach a consensus on whether to participate in upcoming regional elections.

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