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2012 regional elections

The Electoral Strategy of the Venezuelan Opposition Comes Back to Haunt Them

The Electoral Strategy of the Venezuelan Opposition Comes Back to Haunt Them

Venezuela’s opposition spent virtually all of 2012 on the road campaigning for political office, but they ended the year worse off than when they started, in part because of their own campaign tactics.

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Venezuela’s 2012 State Election: Lessons for Chavismo and the Opposition

The political map of Venezuela’s regions turned even further red after the PSUV took 20 of 23 states in the 2012 regional elec

What does the 2012 regional election tell us about the current political situation in Venezuela and trends going into next year, including for the differing scenarios depending on whether Chavez will be able to assume his next presidential term?

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Venezuelan Regional Elections: PSUV Candidates Win 20 out of 23 States

Jorge Rodriguez, the PSUV’s campaign manager, called the win “an immense victory” in a post-results press conference (Migu

The regional elections came after the victory of Hugo Chávez in the October 7 presidential elections. Clearly, the defeat of the opposition on October 7, when they had convinced themselves they could win, had a demoralising effect amongst their ranks.

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Venezuela’s Opposition Evaluates Another Major Defeat

Henrique Capriles (Prensa HCR / Daniel Lara)

As pro-Chavez candidates celebrated their victories in 20 of 23 states in Sunday’s regional elections, opposition leaders attempted to explain what led to such an overwhelming defeat for their gubernatorial candidates.

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Chavez’s Socialist Party Wins 20 of 23 States in Venezuelan Regional Elections [Updated]

The president of the National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced the results (VTV)

With all votes counted to the point of results being irreversible, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela has won 20 states, and the opposition coalition, three states.

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Rallies Held as Campaigning Concludes for Venezuelan State Elections

Elias Jaua at his closing campaign event in Miranda state (Prensa Elias Jaua)

Campaigning for Venezuela’s state elections is now officially over, with both pro-government and opposition gubernatorial candidates holding final rallies to shore up support ahead of Sunday’s vote. 

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Venezuela's State Election Campaigns Take Shape

PSUV candidate for Miranda state, Elias Jaua, on the campaign trail (AVN)

While polls show President Hugo Chavez’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidates for governors to be leading in most states, some tense situations are developing as both opposition and pro-Chavez forces are divided in some states, and the membership of both sides are criticising campaign strategies being employed.

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Former Venezuelan VP Unveils Security Plan for Miranda State

Elias Jaua presented his security plan for Miranda on Monday (archive)

Gubernatorial Candidate for Miranda, Elias Jaua, presented his plan to improve security in Venezuela’s second largest state on Monday as the former Vice President of the Chavez administration ramps up his campaign efforts in the race for leadership of the strategic regional entity.

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Venezuela’s PSUV Switches Candidate for Trujillo State Governor to “Preserve the Revolution”

Former Defence Minister, Henry Rangel Silva, is the PSUV’s new candidate for Trujillo (agencies)

Venezuelan Defence Minister Henry Rangel Silva has been announced as the United Socialist Party of Venezuela’s (PSUV) new candidate for Trujillo state in the upcoming state elections following grassroots opposition to the original candidate.


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Clash between Capriles and Workers Key Battle of Venezuelan State Elections

Miranda state governor Henrique Capriles opening a new fire station and medical centre last Sunday (El Universal)

Governor of Miranda state and former opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles has come into conflict with his administrations’ public sector workers, as he and Chavez ally Elias Jaua prepare to contest  the Miranda governorship in the 16 December regional elections.

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