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  • Attacks on Venezuelan Commune and Farmland Reported, Crops Destroyed

    August 19, 2015 ... in Barinas state, and on the agricultural commune El Maizal, respectively. Over a thousand acres of crops were ... upon Chavez to respond to the accusation.  The commune El Maizal, which straddles the states of Lara and Portuguesa, ... at food production.  This is not the first time El Maizal has been the target of aggression, and representatives ...
  • Chavista Theory of Transition Towards the Communal State

    August 8, 2015 ... True democracy.” [17] One of the early communes, El Maizal in the State of Lara, was named by Chávez himself and ... in 2009 by producers who took over expropriated land. El Maizal aims at sustainable agro-production to meet the ... health care. [18] Chávez wanted to see communes like El Maizal duplicated throughout the nation. [19] And he ...