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  • Venezuela's Bolivar Needs Bold Action

    January 28, 2015 ... productivity for decades. It's largely because of Dutch Disease – an awkward situation when one sector of the ... to promote non-oil sectors to gradually ward off Dutch Disease. It's a perfect example of a situation where state ... oil prices, overcome a historic tendency towards Dutch Disease or end the opposition's sabotage efforts. But, he can ...
  • Economic Solutions: Two Perspectives from the Bolivarian Left

    January 14, 2015 In the face of on-going shortages of basic consumer goods, soaring inflation, a multi-pronged and broken currency exchange system and now falling oil prices, Venezuela's economic “crisis” is now being acknowledged at the highest levels of government. As opposed to the simplistic mainstream media coverage that attempts to blame Venezuela's woes on the boogie monster of “socialism,” we present two perspectives from within the Bolivarian Revolution on concrete public policy solutions to Venezuela's economic crisis.