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  • The “Bridge” in the Coup: the IRI in Venezuela

    August 6, 2008 ... have been filed against them.” After a mere twenty-four hours in power, the Carmona administration had effectively ... much larger counter-coup that was now occurring. Only 48 hours after the coup began, the loyal presidential guard ... leaders and the international community.” In a matter of hours, Washington had completely reversed its public position ...
  • Grow Them Young, Pay Them Well - Venezuela's Anti-Chavistas, That Is

    May 16, 2008 The Washington-based Cato Institute preaches limited government and free market religion with plenty of high-octane corporate funding for backing. It better have it for the award it presented on May 15 to a 23 year old fifth year Venezuelan law student Yon Goicoechea for serving the interests of capital back home and leading anti-Chavista protests.