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  • Popular Engineering Guides the Struggle for Water in Caracas

    June 30, 2020 ... had worked for seven consecutive days and up to six hours a day, submerged in a well of cold water, in order to ... for those who went out to the pipes," Diomelis Leon, 47, explained. Younger men assume the task of submerging ... the houses. Each family is assigned certain days and hours to be supplied with the water from the tunnel without ...
  • A Flawed Case: A Conversation with Iracara Chirinos

    June 12, 2020 ... arrested party must be presented before a judge within 48 hours of the detention. Did this happen and, if so, how? On ... us about this? That began on March 2nd in the morning, hours before the prosecutors made the accusation before the ... to denounce that Alfredo and Aryenis were tortured for 48 hours. This is not hearsay. In Alfredo’s case, I saw the ...