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  • Benicio Del Toro Meets Venezuela's Chavez

    March 5, 2009 Socialist President Hugo Chavez met with a 21st-century incarnation of one of the world's biggest revolutionary icons Wednesday: actor Benicio del Toro, who stars in the new film chronicling the life of Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara. Del Toro met with Chavez during a visit in which he also was mobbed by adoring fans and attended a screening of Steven Soderbergh's two-part, 4 1/2-hour film biography ''Che.''
  • Low Participation in Venezuelan Opposition’s Education Strike

    A Bolivarian primary school in Venezuela (MinCI)
    March 25, 2009 Very few teachers went on strike today, in response to some teachers’ federations call for one, over demands for pay increases and more job security. The Venezuelan government called the strike illegal, as it is currently in negotiations with teachers’ unions.