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Venezuela Speaks!: Voices from the Grassroots

By Carlos Martinez, Michael Fox, and Jojo Farrell (January 2010, PM Press)

Venezuela Speaks!: Voices from the Grassrootsis a collection of interviews with activists and participants from across Venezuela’s social movements. From community media to land reform; cooperatives to communal councils, from the labor movement to the Afro-Venezuelan network, Venezuela Speaks! sheds light on the complex realities within the Bolivarian Revolution. These interviews offer a compelling oral history of Venezuela’s democratic revolution, from the bottom up.

Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The Policies of the Chavez Presidency

By Gregory Wilpert (September 2007, Verso Books)

“This fascinating study—deeply informed, penetrating in its analysis, comprehensive in scope—explores the historical and socioeconomic roots of the Venezuelan initiatives of recent years, the conflicts they have engendered, the achievements and pitfalls, the animating ideals of a genuinely participatory society, and the prospects for realizing them in ways that, if successful, might have significant impact not only for Latin America but well beyond.” — Noam Chomsky

Venezuela’s Second Bolivarian Revolution: The History of the Chavez Presidency

By Gregory Wilpert (to come, October, 2007) (purchase at

An analysis of the history of the Chavez presidency, 1999-2006. How and why Chavez became president and his confrontations with the opposition. Companion book to Changing Venezuela by Taking Power: The Policies of the Chavez Presidency (September 2007, Verso Books)

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Process: Best of

Edited by Gregory Wilpert (purchase at

A compilation of the one to four best articles from each of’s thematic sections: The Bolivarian Project, International Relations, Economy, Constitution & Law, Labor, Opposition, Military, Indigenous and African Venezuelans, Environment, Rural and Urban Land Reform, Mass Media, Civil Society and Social Movements, and Social Programs. $15.50 print edition, $4.95 e-book edition.

The Military Linked to the People

By Marta Harnecker (PDF file, 680kb, Acrobat Reader required)

Social analyst and journalist Marta Harnecker interviewed nine military officers who were instrumental in bringing Chavez back to office, following the April 2002 coup attempt. She asks about their politics and political formation, to find out what makes Venezuela’s military different from the armed forces of other Latin American countries.

Coup Against Chavez in Venezuela: The Best International Reports of What Really Happened in April 2002

Edited by Gregory Wilpert (PDF file, 350kb, Acrobat Reader required)

A compilation of articles written by various analysts and journalists shortly before, during, and shortly after the April 2002 coup attempt, which present a more accurate picture of what happened those days than what was printed in most of the mainstream media.

Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

By the Venezuelan People

The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (unofficial English translation).