The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 21: The Global South Struggle for Climate Justice

Our latest podcast episode focuses on the environment and the challenge of protecting the planet without deepening global inequalities.
climate justice podcast
Host José Luis Granados Ceja talks to VA's Cira Pascual Marquina and to activist Liliana Buitrago about the fight for climate justice in nations like Venezuela. (Venezuelanalysis)

“Environmentalism without class struggle is just gardening,” Brazilian trade unionist and ecologist Chico Mendes once famously said. With a climate crisis upon us, what are the paths forward that do not just exacerbate global inequalities? And for countries like Venezuela, heavily reliant on resource extraction, what is to be done?

These are some of the (tough) questions tackled in our latest podcast episode. Host José Luis Granados Ceja is joined by fellow VA member Cira Pascual Marquina and by Venezuelan researcher and activist Liliana Buitrago to discuss anti-capitalist strategies against climate change, both at a macro and grassroots level.

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