Dispatch: Burying the Monroe Doctrine

Venezuelanalysis sat down with a panel of intellectuals and solidarity activists to discuss US sanctions and anti-imperialist resistance.

Following a day-long discussion about U.S. interventionism and efforts to resist imperialism at the Americas Policy Forum, host José Luis Granados Ceja is joined by Nick Estes from The Red Nation, Claudia De La Cruz from The People’s Forum, Teri Mattson of the WTF is Going on in Latin America and the Caribbean podcast, Hector Figarella from the Anti-Imperialist Action Committee, and Celina della Croce from the Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research, as well as Venezuelanalysis’ Greg Wilpert, to have a rich discussion about the fight to bury the Monroe Doctrine, ending sanctions on Venezuela, and drawing inspiration from the Bolivarian Revolution.



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