The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 15: Corruption, Inflation and Class Struggle

Venezuelanalysis members and economist Tony Boza discuss the latest corruption revelations and a proposal to tackle inflation.

Venezuela’s political reality has been recently shaken by massive corruption allegations. Unofficial estimates reveal (at least) $3 billion siphoned off from the oil industry. There have been more than 50 arrests so far.

In this podcast episode, host José Luis Granados Ceja is first joined by fellow VA writer Andreína Chávez Alava to discuss the corruption revelations, what they mean for the Bolivarian Process and whether the US-backed opposition will finally pay for its crimes.

The second segment features Venezuelan economist and National Assembly Deputy Tony Boza, to place the latest developments in the wider context of the recent economic policy. Boza argues that corruption and inflation are both expressions of class struggle and puts forward a proposal to address the growing inequality.

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