The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 13: Solidarity vs. Sanctions

We kick off the second season of our podcast by putting the spotlight on US sanctions, their impact on Venezuela, and international solidarity efforts to oppose them.

Sanctions, also known as unilateral coercive measures, should primarily be understood as a tool of neocolonialism. After failing with outright coup attempts, Washington has turned to economic sanctions as the weapon of choice to try and trigger regime change in Venezuela.

In this podcast episode, host José Luis Granados Ceja is joined by fellow VA staffer Ricardo Vaz to discuss how there have been little to no changes to these deadly policies, and how the Venezuelan economy, despite a recent recovery, remains in a “straight-jacket.”

Also featured is Michelle Ellner, a Latin America campaign coordinator at Code Pink, who discussed ongoing efforts from US-based solidarity collectives to challenge US foreign policy and hold representatives accountable. 


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