The Venezuelanalysis Podcast Episode 01: Sanctions Kill

First episode of VA's podcast, dedicated to US sanctions and their impact on the Venezuelan people.

We are very happy to launch our new podcast project. Every month we will be bringing independent, on-the-ground news and analysis of Venezuela and the Bolivarian Process as well as coverage of leftist and grassroots forces.

Our inaugural episode focuses on the US-led sanctions policy against Venezuela. Host José Luis Granados Ceja takes us through some of the latest developments and talks to UN human rights expert Alena Douhan about these measures and their consequences for the civilian population. Separately, Granados and fellow VA member Ricardo Vaz tackle the (misleading) coverage that the corporate media has dedicated to Washington’s Venezuela policies.

For more on sanctions, take a look at our recent infographics on the US blockade and the unilateral measures against Venezuela’s oil industry.

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Song credits:

Embandolaos – Los Caimanes Negros

Javier Marin – Llanto

Sandino Primera – Cómo Quisiera Olvidarte