Loud and Clear: Venezuela Municipal Elections

VA's Paul Dobson discussed the latest elections held in Venezuela and what comes next on Sputnik's "Loud and Clear."

Brian Becker and John Kiriakou hosted Venezuelanalysis writer Paul Dobson on Radio Sputnik’s “Loud and Clear” to discuss last Sunday’s municipal elections and the road ahead.

Paul argued that the turnout in the elections for local councillors in Venezuela was low, at 27 per cent, it is roughly on par when compared to other elections of the same nature held in the past. He also stressed that a large chunk of the abstention can be blamed on the opposition, between parties that refused to take part and supporters that did not vote.

When asked about what happens next in the country, Paul explained that “January 10th is the next hurdle which the Bolivarian process has to overcome.” This is when President Maduro is due to start his second term, having been re-elected in May. The US government and regional allies have already declared that they will not recognize Maduro’s second term.

Paul and the hosts also discussed the current context in Venezuela and the dynamics of the economy in particular, with Maduro needing to mediate between different tendencies.