Porkins Policy Review on the Terrorist Attack against Maduro

VA's Paul Dobson talks to Porkins Policy show on American Freedom Radio about the Maduro assassination attempt and economic warfare on Venezuela.

VA journalist Paul Dobson talks to Porkins Policy show on the current political and economic situation in Venezuela, and western media distortions. First, he covered the recent terrorist attack on President Maduro’s life on August 4th. He touched on the right-wing media operations out of Miami, which supported this terrorist act, as well as the role of ultra right-wing activists in Venezuela and Colombia. Later, he discussed the arrest of opposition politician Juan Requesens in connection with the attack and the alleged role that former National Assembly President Julio Borges played in Bogota. Paul also mentions the shadowy Osman Delgado Tabosky, who has been named by the Venezuelan government as a financier of the attack.

In the second hour he discussed the current economic problems in Venezuela and the devastating effects that U.S. sanctions are having on the Venezuelan people. Then he talked about the lack of specialized medicine due to sanctions on major financial institutions such as Citibank as well as addressing the reasons why Venezuelans must wait in line for gasoline despite being an oil rich nation. He explained how organizations like the IMF and World Bank are waiting to swoop in to exert total control of the economy through the use of loans and bailouts. Finally, he closed out by talking about Venezuela’s vibrant democratic process and the ways in which the western media continues to present a false narrative of its electoral system.