Ear to the Ground Podcast #6: What Is Going On with the Venezuelan Economy?

Feeling confused with all of the information about Venezuela's current economic challenges?  Is the crisis due to strategic "economic war," as some say, or failed socialism and inefficient government, as others contend?  What do scarcity and sanctions mean for the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan people?  In this episode of Ear To The Ground, we address these questions and debate this truly complex moment in Venezuela's revolutionary history.

The international corporate media circulates a wide range of information and rumors about the current economic situation in Venezuela which can be difficult to navigate without a broader understanding of the macroeconomic issues Venezuela faces today. In this podcast of Ear To The Ground, VA’s Jeanette Charles teams up with our writer Cira Pascual Marquina and VA co-founder Gregory Wilpert to tackle some of the challenging questions about the Carribean country’s critical economic situation, delving into the roots of the problem, how it affects the daily lives of Venezuelans, and analyzing the possible roads for economic recovery.

Ear To The Ground is a monthly podcast produced by the Venezuelanalysis team with the intention to provide a deeper analysis and on the ground perspectives for an international audience on complicated topics surrounding Venezuela and the Bolivarian Revolution. If you are interested in hearing more analysis on this month’s topic or would like to propose a topic for discussion, please write to us at [email protected].