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Venezuelan Government Guarantees Food for the Holidays

Vice-president Carlos Faría and other Venezuelan officials during an inspection of containers at La Guaira Port, Vargas on Wedn

The Venezuelan government confirmed the arrival of 700 containers worth of goods for the December holidays with a further 900 more on the way. 

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MUD Scraps Miraflores March as Venezuelan Gov’t Releases More Opposition Activists

National Assembly President Henry Ramos Allup announces the suspension of Thursday's march. (Archive)

Venezuela's opposition has announced the suspension of its Thursday march on the Miraflores palace, and the postponement of its "political trial" against President Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela Accuses Peru of Fostering Interventionist Regional Climate

Venezuela's Foreign Minister, known as the "Yellow House". (Archive)

Venezuela's Foreign Ministry accused its Peruvian counterpart of “obeying the interventionist rulebook of Washington to justify intervention in Venezuela, in concert with opposition groups”.  

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Venezuelan Government Releases Five Opposition Activists in Goodwill Gesture

Maduro speaks following talks with the opposition on Monday. (Prensa Presidencial)

The liberation of the prisoners is the first concrete agreement to emerge from recently initiated dialogue between the national government and the political opposition. 


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Venezuelan Black Market Rate Surges to Over 1500 Bolivars per Dollar

Venezuela's parallel dollar has been on the rise in recent weeks. (Archive)

The latest depreciation of the bolivar is as much political as it is economic, says sociologist Gregory Wilpert. 


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Venezuelan Communist Party Denounces Molotov Attack on Regional HQ

(Tribuna Popular)

Venezuela’s Communist Party (PCV) condemned a terrorist attack on their regional headquarters in Monagas state on Saturday.

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Venezuelan Supreme Court: Maduro is not Colombian

The Venezuelan Supreme Court has confirmed that President Nicolas Maduro is a Venezuelan born citizen. (VTV)

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) confirmed Friday that President Nicolas Maduro is not a Colombian national.

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Supreme Court Denies Injunction Request against Orinoco Mining Arc

Venezuela's Supreme Court blocked an injunction sought by activists and former government ministers against the Orinoco Min

Venezuela’s Supreme Court has thrown out an injunction request that would have temporarily halted the national government’s contentious Orinoco Mining Arc project. 

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Maduro and MUD Agree to Dialogue Agenda as Opposition Divisions Deepen

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shakes hands with MUD head Jesus Torrealba at the onset of the talks. (Prensa Presidencial)

Popular Will and 15 other opposition parties boycotted the talks, calling on their supporters to march on Miraflores Thursday.

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Chavismo Marches as Opposition Reels from Failed Strike

(Gregorio Terán, Juan Carlos La Cruz, Zurimar Campos)

The opposition’s call for a national strike last Friday was largely ignored by the majority of the population.  

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Venezuela Arrests 97 After Protests, Including 7 Police

Protesters hurl stones at the National Guard on October 26. (Reuters)

Venezuelan authorities confirmed Thursday they had arrested almost a hundred people in connection with massive opposition protests Wednesday.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Increases Minimum Wage by 40%

President Nicolas Maduro has increased the minimum wage from BsF 65.056 to 90.811. (AVN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro boosted his country’s minimum wage by 40 percent Thursday, vowing to keep salary increases above inflation.

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CEPAL: There Is “Definitely No Humanitarian” Crisis in Venezuela

 (AFP 2016/ Vladimir Rodas)

The organisation’s Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, confirmed there was “definitely no” humanitarian crisis in the country. 


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Massive Venezuelan Opposition Protests Spark Fresh Anti-Government Violence

Thousands of opposition supporters march on the outskirts of Caracas. (Cordon Press)

One police officer was killed in a wave of attacks on government facilities and personnel. 

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Russia, Venezuelan Military Reject Foreign Intervention

Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez rejects unconstitutional attempts to overthrow the Maduro government. (teleSU

The Russian government and Venezuela’s armed forces gave their backing to the democratically elected Maduro government following a unilateral parliamentary impeachment attempt.

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