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Venezuela Rejects US State Department Stance on Jailed Politician

PSUV Vice-President Diosdado Cabello (archive)

Venezuelan accused the State Department of “imperialism” after it called for the immediate release of jailed politician, Daniel Ceballos.

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Venezuelan Oil Imports Crash Amid Payment, Shipping Troubles

Container shipping carriers have complained of poor conditions at Venezuelan ports including pilot boats unable to move due to f
Venezuela is now failing to cover collapsing oil production with foreign imports, according to dire reports Friday.

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Colombia Arrests Suspect in Assassination of Venezuelan Tupamaro

File photo of former Venezuelan deputy legislator Cesar Vera, who was killed earlier this year in a suspected paramilitary attac

Colombian authorities say they have arrested an alleged paramilitary fighter accused of assassinating a Venezuelan politician earlier this year.

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Maduro Congratulates Colombia on Historic Peace Accords

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro celebrated the accords publicly via his Twitter account earlier this week. (Reuters)

President Nicolás Maduro voiced his nation's support and commiment to accompany Colombia in its new chapter toward establishing peace after more than 50 years of armed conflict.


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Venezuela Celebrates Rio Athletes’ Homecoming

A throng of supporters gathers to great Venezuela’s Olympic team outside of the Maiquetia International Airport. (AVN)

President Nicolas Maduro also approved a 50% increase in the value of scholarships for Venezuela’s most promising sportspeople after the country won three medals at the 2016 Olympics.

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Brazil’s Alleged Bribe Against Venezuela a “Misunderstanding”, says Uruguay

Uruguayan national flag waves alongside Mercosur's  official flag. (MercoPress)

Uruguay’s Foreign Minister retracted initial statements alleging that Brazil’s government attempted to “buy” Uruguay’s vote against Venezuela’s pro-tempore Mercosur Presidency Thursday.

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Venezuelans Boycott Black Market Amid Surging Banana Prices

Food prices on the black market have soared in recent months (CdO)

Venezuelan consumers took to social media Friday vowing to boycott black market vendors, after months of rising food prices.

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Venezuelan Corporation Internationally Accuses Government of “Harassment”

Empresas Polar President Lorenzo Mendoza. (El Heraldo/Fernando Llano)

In an ongoing dispute with the Maduro administration, Venezuela’s largest food and beverage producer has accused the Bolivarian government of “harassment and discrimination” due to the Venezuelan president’s public protest against the conglomerate’s role in the country's economic war.

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Venezuelan Foreign Minister Denounces US State Department “Double Standards”

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has been a staunch critic of US foreign policy. (EFE)

State Department officials demanded the release of politician Leopoldo Lopez on Monday.


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Venezuela Celebrates Silver Medal Win at Olympics

Yulimar Rojas is Venezuela’s first female Olympic silver medal winner (AFP).

Track and field athlete, Yulimar Rojas (20), is the first female Olympian to have won a silver medal in Venezuela’s sporting history. 


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Maduro Announces 2016's Third Minimum Wage Increase

Nicolás Maduro made the wage increase announcement to the Venezuelan people on live television and radio Friday.  (Reuters)

President Nicolás Maduro has announced a 50 percent wage increase set to take effect in September.


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OAS Member States Call for Recall Referendum in Venezuela

Organization of American States' flag. (Shutterstock/Jiri Flogel)

Fifteen of the regional bloc's member states have issued a statement in support of a recall referendum this year.

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Venezuela, Colombia to Temporarily Reopen Border

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (C) and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) agreed to reopen their countries’ share
Venezuela and Colombia agreed Thursday to reopen their shared border over the weekend.

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Venezuelan Foreign Minister: Macri is Planning Mercosur Destruction

Venezuela’s Foreign Minister, Delcy Rodriguez. (Telesur)

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez has accused Argentine President Mauricio Macri of trying to sabotage the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) after he questioned her country’s membership of the regional bloc.

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Worker Occupied Kimberly-Clark Factory Produces 2 Million Sanitary Pads

Aragua Governor Tarek El Aissaimi with workers from the Gran Cacique plant. (Twitter/ @CarylBertho)

Venezuela’s newly nationalized Kimberly-Clark factory has produced 2,068,800 sanitary towels in the first month since reopening following a worker takeover in July.


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