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Venezuelan Government Blames “Import Mafias” for Alleged Paper Shortage

The Venezuelan government claims that sufficient dollars have been supplied for paper purchase, and instead blames paper import

International and local private media have accused the Venezuelan government of infringing “freedom of expression and information” by restricting newspapers’ access to official exchange rate dollars, and therefore their ability to import paper. The government however says the dollars have been supplied, and blames speculating paper import companies.

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Venezuelan Government Continues to Provide Free HIV and AIDS Treatment

While the government is providing free HIV treatment and workshops, the virus is still stigmatised by many, affecting the abilit

Although the Venezuelan government has provided people with HIV or AIDS with free medicine and care since 2000, the health ministry met with national and regional coordinators of the HIV and AIDS national program to discuss strategies to improve the service on Friday.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Proposes Solutions to Violent Crime

Reiterating advances in poverty and inequality reduction under the Bolivarian government since 1998, Maduro concluded that a tra

In a speech on security yesterday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro outlined his opinion on the causes of violent crime in the South American country. 

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Law Limiting Costs, Prices and Profits Comes into Force in Venezuela

A new law limiting costs, prices and profit margins across the Venezuelan economy came into effect yesterday. (AVN)

A law limiting costs, prices and profit margins across the Venezuelan economy came into effect yesterday.

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Venezuela Undertakes Controversial Overhaul of Currency Exchange Regime

Ramirez denied that the new measures constitute a devaluation when he announced that Venezuelan travellers will no longer be eli

The Venezuelan government has tightened access to its preferential currency exchange rate, and says it's considering changes to laws prohibiting the parallel currency market.

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United Socialist Party of Venezuela to Hold National Congress in July

Meeting of the national leadership of the PSUV yesterday in Anzoategui (AVN)

During a press conference yesterday in Anzoategui state, President Nicolas Maduro announced that the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) will hold its national congress on 26 to 28 July.

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National Alternative Media Meeting and Venezuelan Government Agree on Steps Forward

Ministry of communications representative Reinaldo Escorcia (CdO)

While members of the communications ministry met with hundreds of community and alternative media over the weekend to look at ways to support that movement, other government officials met with private media on Monday to encourage them to promote better values.

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Commune Activists Denounce Murders in Mountains of Western Venezuela

Yusmery Escobar, one of many activists demanding since last year that the government combat the assassination of rural activists

Communes and social movements have demanded that the government combat the assassination of rural activists in the mountains of western Venezuela, which they say is undermining communal organising in the region.

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“A Solid Foundation for Socialism of the 21st Century”: Venezuela's Maduro Restructures Several Government Ministries and Institutions

Maduro called for a restructuring of a number of government ministries and institutions during the annual memoria y cuenta on We

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has ordered a restructuring of public institutions related to the economy and consumer protection during a four hour speech to the nation.

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Venezuela's Banks Increased Development Loans by 50% in 2013

Over 40% of bank loans in Venezuela went towards development projects in areas ranging from agriculture to tourism, according to

Agricultural loans, micro-financing and other financing for national development projects rose by 50.73% in Venezuela last year, according to the country's Superintendent of Banks (Sudeban).

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Venezuela and Brazil Agree to Collaborate in Preserving Mount Roraima

Roraima (archive)

Over the weekend Brazilian and Venezuelan authorities met in Canaima National Park and agreed to collaborate in tourism and the preservation of the area.

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Paraguay and Venezuela Formally Re-establish Bilateral Relations

Venezuela’s ambassador to Paraguay, Alfredo Murga (right), presenting his credentials to Paraguay’s foreign ministry (EFE)

Venezuela and Paraguay have formally restored bilateral relations, after ending them in 2012 in protest of the coup orchestrated against former Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo.

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Maduro Attacks “Media Show” over Monica Spear Murder in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has struck out at media coverage of ex-Miss Venezuela Monica Spear’s murder as a “show” to make money and “demoralise” the South American country. Other recent notable murders meanwhile have not received mainstream media coverage.

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Venezuelan Government to Continue Pace of Land Expropriations for “Agrarian Socialism”

The latest land occupation facilitated by the National Land Institute (INTI) is underway in the south-western state of Apure. (V

This year the Venezuelan government plans to continue its pace of land expropriations in order to move towards what it terms “agrarian socialism”.

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Maduro Announces Major Cabinet Reshuffle to “Renew” Venezuelan Government

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government (Pr

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has appointed several new ministers to his cabinet in a bid to “renovate” his government.

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