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Venezuela Set to Export Fishing and Aquaculture Products to El Salvador

A socialist fish market in Venezuela. (INSOPECA)

Venezuela and El Salvador signed bilateral cooperation agreements this week in Caracas.

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Bolivarian Government Calls for "Second Phase" of Dialogue with Opposition

Caracas Mayor Jorge Rodriguez called for a "second phase of dialogue" on Monday. (Archive)

Jorge Rodríguez expressed the Venezuelan government’s unwavering commitment to dialogue with the opposition on Monday. 

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Russia Reaffirms Support for Venezuelan Sovereignty

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. (EFE)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov highlighted his government’s commitment to Venezuelan sovereignty Monday during a bilateral meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart in Moscow.

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Venezuela Mourns Passing of Brazilian Leftist Marisa Leticia Rocco

Marisa Leticia Rocco (L) with her husband, Brazil's former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (R). (Reuters/Paulo Whitaker

Venezuela issued condolences Thursday to the family of prominent leftist Marisa Leticia Rocco, the wife of former Brazilian president Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva.

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Venezuela’s PDVSA to Boost Gas Distribution

Venezuela has the world's eighth largest proven gas reserves. (AVN)

Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA announced Thursday plans to partner with private company Gavenplast to boost domestic gas production and distribution.

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Venezuela Reaffirms Support for Syria Against Foreign Intervention


Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry released an official statement Tuesday congratulating the Syrian government on its recent military triumphs over armed groups attempting to destabilize the Arab Republic. 

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Venezuela Legally Recognizes First Child with Two Mothers

Miranda (left) and Soto sign their marriage documents in Argentina. (Archive)

The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) issued the country’s first birth certificate legally recognizing two Lesbian mothers as the parents of a child. 


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Venezuelan Supreme Court: The President Has Not Abandoned His Post

The TSJ has blocked an attempt by Congress to unconstitutionally unseat president Nicolas Maduro. (archives)

Venezuela’s highest court ruled against an attempt by Congress to remove President Nicolas Maduro through Article 233 of the Constitution.


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Venezuela Grants New Powers to Vice-President

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (R) and Vice-President Tarek El Aissami. (Juan Barreto/AFP via Getty Images)

The 15 new powers are interpreted as a mandate for improving efficiency in government and resolving the country’s deep economic crisis.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Denounces “Xenophobic” Remarks by Colombian Vice-President

Maduro denounced the Colombian leader's statements as a “xenophobic aggression against the people of Venezuela". (@P

Maduro demanded Colombian Vice-President German Vargas Lleras apologize after he suggested Venezuelans be excluded from the neighboring country’s social programs.

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Venezuela Preparing to Make Arrest in Odebrecht Case

Brazilian construction firm Odebrecht is at the center of a corruption scandal spanning 12 countries. (Reuters/Rodrigo Paiva)

Venezuelan authorities announced Thursday they were preparing to press charges against an unnamed suspect in the Odebrecht scandal.

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Venezuelan Opposition to Present “Alternative Proposal” for Dialogue with Government

President Nicolás Maduro, Bolivarian government officials and opposition representatives discuss the dialogue with internationa

Venezuelan opposition leaders rejected the official international mediator's proposal, which outlines the next steps for re-launching national dialogue with the Bolivarian government. 

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CELAC Voices Solidarity with Venezuela in Face of US Interventionism

Latin American and Caribbean leaders gather in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for the fifth CELAC summit. (Prensa Presidencial)

The Community of Latin American and Caribbean States emphasized its emphatic support for Venezuela against US interventionism.


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Opposition Marches for “Return to Democracy” in Venezuela

Opposition supporters protesting in Chacao. (El Correo del Orinoco)

Opposition activists staged a march to demand the “return to democracy” in Venezuela on the anniversary of the overthrow of Venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez by a civic-military uprising. 


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US Congress Mulls New Sanctions against Venezuela over Alleged Food Corruption

US Congress members issued calls for new sanctions against Venezuela. (Archive)

Both Republican and Democrat members of the US Congress have issued calls for new sanctions against top Venezuelan food ministry officials over corruption allegations.

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