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Venezuela: "Terrorists" Torch 50 Tons of Food as ex-National Guard Chief Indicted

Around half the food in a government distribution centre was torched Thursday. (AVN)

Venezuelan authorities said Thursday more than 50 tons of food have been incinerated by anti-government groups, amid ongoing attacks on public infrastructure.


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Venezuela's Supreme Court Orders Travel Ban, Asset Freeze Against Attorney General

Venezuela's top prosecutor, Luisa Ortega, has become a fierce critic of the TSJ. (MPPRIJP)

Venezuela's Supreme Court ordered a travel ban and asset freeze against Attorney General Luisa Ortega Wednesday over alleged misconduct in her office's response to 13 weeks of violent anti-government protests that have claimed 93 lives to date. 

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7 Dead as Venezuela Violence Escalates

A motorcyclist was reportedly burned alive by protesters after he was run over by a truck at a barricade in Maracaibo. (@JorgeGa

Seven people died across Venezuela in a 24 hour period Wednesday, as the country’s political crisis showed signs of deepening.

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Venezuela Announces New Security Measures for ANC Elections

CNE President Tibisay Lucena announced the measures on Wednesday.

Venezuela’s electoral authority announced Wednesday new security measures for the upcoming constituent assembly elections.

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Bolivia, Ecuador Condemn Helicopter Terrorist Attack in Venezuela

Oscar Perez reads out a statement on a video circulated on Instagram the same day of the attack. (screen shot)

Both governments released official statements Wednesday, while Venezuela hit out at other regional governments for their silence. 


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Venezuela’s Maduro Condemns Helicopter Attack on Supreme Court, Justice Ministry

The banner reads "350 Liberty" in reference to the Venezuelan constitutional article authorizing civil disobedience in

The helicopter flew over the Venezuelan Supreme Court and Justice Ministry offices, opening fire and dropping hand grenades. 

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Venezuela: Soldier Killed, Three More Burned Alive

Three more people were reportedly burned alive in Venezuela by opposition supporters. (Archive)

One soldier was reportedly killed in a looting while another three people were allegedly lynched by opposition supporters. 

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CNE Releases List of Approved Candidates for Elections to Constituent Assembly

The CNE released the list of candidates on Thursday. (Archive)

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) released Thursday a list of approved candidates for elections to the National Constituent Assembly to be held on July 30.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Replaces Foreign Minister, Chief of Staff

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro has overseen at least six major cabinet shuffles since being elected in 2013. (AVN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reshuffled his cabinet Wednesday, appointing a veteran diplomat to the foreign ministry and a controversial military figure as chief of staff.

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Venezuelan Protester Dies in Attack on Airbase

An opposition protester fires a home-made mortar in this photo taken on June 22 in Caracas. (Fernando Llano/AP)

One protester died and two soldiers were injured in an attack on a Venezuelan military base Thursday, according to Interior Minister Nestor Reverol.

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OAS Fails to Pass Anti-Venezuela Resolution, amid Rumors of More US Sanctions

The OAS voted down a US-backed resolution aimed at condemning Venezuela. (Reuters/OAS Pool)

The United States failed Wednesday to persuade the Organisation of American States to condemn Venezuela’s government, amid growing speculation of a new round of unilateral sanctions.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Approves Nearly $19 Million for Storm Clean-up

Tropical storm Bret lashed Venezuela's central north earlier this week. (YVKE)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced Wednesday he had approved close to US$19 million in funding for emergency services in the wake of tropical storm Bret.

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Three National Guard Officials Arrested After Fatal Shooting of Protester

Three GNB sergeants will be charged for their responsibility in the death of a protester this past Monday. (Aporrea)

Three Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) soldiers have been arrested following the fatal shooting of an anti-government protester in Caracas this past Monday.

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Venezuela’s Supreme Court Admits Legal Request to Impeach Attorney General

Legislator for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Pedro Carreño, filed the challenge against Ortega last Friday. (AVN)

The Supreme Court has officially accepted a legal request filed by Venezuelan legislator Pedro Carreño, asking the body to assess the possibility of bringing impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Luisa Ortega.


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Venezuela’s Grassroots: "We Need to Lead the Revolution"

Venezuela's grassroots have largely welcomed the ANC. (AVN)
Venezuelan grassroots activists say the upcoming National Constituent Assembly (ANC) could be a major set forward for the country’s commune movement and could deepen the Bolivarian revolution.

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