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New Evidence Points to Protesters in Death of Venezuelan Violinist

Armando Cañizales was killed by an eight-millimeter ball bearing allegedly fired by fellow opposition demonstrators. (FundaMusi

New evidence released Friday suggests Venezuelan opposition demonstrators may be responsible for the death of Armando Cañizales at a protest last week.

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US National Security Advisor: Quick, Peaceful Solution Needed in Venezuela

US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster met with opposition leader Julio Borges last Saturday. (NPR)

The US official released the statement after meeting with opposition leader Julio Borges in Washington. 


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Venezuelan Opposition, Business Lobby to Boycott Constituent Assembly

Miranda Governor Henrique Capriles announced the Venezuelan opposition’s decision to boycott the constituent assembly on Sunda

The Venezuelan opposition and the country’s largest business lobby have rejected an invitation to participate in the process of convoking a national constituent assembly unveiled by the Maduro government.

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Leader in Worker Controlled Company Killed in Venezuela

Rexol Acevedo (first on left) was killed by opposition protesters, according to reports from his family. (Aporrea)

Rexol Acevedo, 32, was allegedly shot by opposition protesters. 

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Maduro Condemns Violence as Venezuela Death Toll Nears 40

Speaking at the Tiuna Military Fort in Caracas, Maduro called for an end to “violence and guarimbas”. (AVN)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro spoke out Thursday against the wave of political violence gripping his country, as the death toll continued to rise.

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US Senator Circulates Bogus Health Rumour on Venezuela’s Lopez

Leopoldo Lopez appeared late Wednesday on state media to confirm he is alive and well. This came amid claims he was in a critica

US Senator Marco Rubio joined a handful of right-wing Venezuelans in sharing a fake story about imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

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China Urges Respect for Venezuela’s Sovereignty


China pressed for calm in Venezuela Wednesday, stating the fate of the country lies in the hands of its people.

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1 Dead as Venezuela’s Opposition Protests Constituent Assembly

Anti-government protesters again erected burning barricades on Wednesday. (AVN)

Violent anti-government protests continued Wednesday in Venezuela, leaving one person dead and hundreds injured.


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Bipartisan US Senate Bill Pushes Tougher Sanctions against Venezuela

The bill will be filed before the US Senate. (HRF)

A bi-partisan bill leaked to press calls on the US government to sanction more Venezuelan government officials, as well as work to isolate the South American country in the Caribbean region. 


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UPDATED: 4 Killed in Venezuelan Opposition’s “National Barricade”

Two people were killed and ten wounded in Carabobo state when a bus flipped over while attempting to avoid an opposition barrica

Four people were killed and over a dozen wounded Tuesday as a result of the Venezuelan opposition’s “National Barricade” that saw anti-government demonstrators block roads throughout the country.  

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Venezuela’s Maduro Calls for National Constituent Assembly to End Political Impasse

Workers celebrate International Workers' Day in Caracas. (Gregorio Terán &Henry Tesara/AVN)

The National Constituent Assembly will re-draft the country’s Constitution from the bottom up, says the Venezuelan president. 

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Chavistas and Opposition March for May Day amid Fresh Clashes

Monday's marches saw fresh clashes between opposition protesters and authorities. (Pedro Mattey/AVN)

Hundreds of thousands marched in defense of the government as opposition protests saw renewed focos of violence.

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Autopsy Confirms Venezuelan Opposition Student Was Not Killed by Tear Gas Grenade

Metropolitan University student Juan Pernalete (20) was killed by the impact of a close range weapon during an opposition protes

Preliminary autopsy results indicate Pernalete was killed by a captive bolt pistol fired at point-blank range, and not by a tear gas grenade as opposition leaders and private media initially claimed. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Comes Under Fire from Mujica and Pope

Former Uruguayan President Jose "Pepe" Mujica. (Reuters)

Former Uruguayan President Jose “Pepe” Mujica accused the opposition of acting in a radical and irrational way, while the Pope suggested that opposition internal divisions had led to the breakdown of national dialogue. 


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Venezuela's National Minimum Wage Increases by 60% on May Day

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. (Reuters)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced an increase to the minimum wage Sunday, which he said would help to shield workers' from the effects of the economic crisis in the country.

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