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Venezuela's Peace Talks Proceed Despite MUD Boycott

Maduro chaired the peace conference last night at Miraflores Palace. (Prensa Presidencial)

Peace talks held in Venezuela on Wednesday were backed by social movements and community, businesses and religious groups, though the country's main political opposition coalition boycotted the event. 

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Venezuelan Government and Opposition Differ Over Investigating and Attributing Violence

A burning street barricade. (Roberto Gil)

The Venezuelan government and opposition have differed over how to investigate the violence committed during the country’s on-going opposition protests and street barricades. The two sides also disagree on whom is responsible for promoting and perpetrating the violence.

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Venezuela's New Currency Exchange System Based on “Supply and Demand”

Currency controls have been in place in Venezuela since 2003 (Venezuelanalaysis)

A third currency exchange system has been introduced in Venezuela in efforts to stabilise the value of the bolivar, called Sicad II, which will facilitate daily currency auctions at prices determined by “supply and demand”, according to Vice President for the Economic Area Rafael Ramirez.

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Protesters’ Vandalism Hits Venezuela's Public Purse

Environmental ministry offices on Monday (Ministry of Environment)

Millions of dollars worth of damages to public property may have been caused by a wave of violence across Venezuela, according to government sources.

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Venezuelan Opposition Mayor Accused of Manipulating Tragic Death

Daniel Cebellos, opposition mayor of San Cristobal (Laiguana TV)

A 34 year old man, Jimmy Vargas, died on Monday while he was involved in a violent street blockade. Some opposition leaders and media blamed the government, however video footage shows it was an accident. Two other people have died this week as a result of the blockades.

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Venezuelan Government Officials Allege Uribe Has Role in Violent Disturbances

Alvaro Uribe (agencies)

Venezuelan governmental authorities have provided what they allege is evidence of former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe’s involvement in the current disturbances and violence. They also claim that the US has provided some advice, and that mercenaries are involved.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Proposes “Peace Conference” to Resolve Opposition Protests

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has called for a “National Peace Conference” as a means of resolving the on-going opposi

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has called for a “National Peace Conference” as a means of resolving the on-going violent opposition protests in Venezuela. The opposition has made a set of “demands” for dialogue to begin.

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Retired General to be Arrested Following Decapitation of Motorist at Opposition Blockade

The scene of the death of Santiago Pedroza (UN)

President Maduro has ordered the arrest of retired General Angel Vivas, who promoted the use of wire at blockades in order to “neutralise” people on motorbikes. One government supporter on a motorbike died by such a method last night.

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Venezuelan Government Sends Army to Combat “Grave” Opposition Disorder near Colombian Border

On Thursday the minister of interior affairs, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, announced that two army battalions would enter Táchira s

The Venezuelan government is to send two army battalions to Táchira state, which borders Colombia, to combat a “grave” case of opposition-promoted disorder in the area.

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Death Toll in Venezuela Clashes Rises to Ten (Updated)

Violent protests in the Altamira area of Caracas (AP)

According to authorities and press reports a total of ten people have now died in connection with violent protests in Venezuela. The government and the opposition blame each other for the situation.

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Venezuelan Government Reiterates Calls For Dialogue With Opposition

Maduro again called for dialogue last night (Prensa Presidencial)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has again called for dialogue, as part of a national peace plan.

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Death Toll Rises in Venezuela; Opposition Demonstrators Say They're Fighting a War of "Attrition"

An opposition group in Merida today. (Ewan Robertson/Venezuelanalysis)

Anti-government demonstrations turned deadly again today, following yesterday's arrest of far right leader Leopoldo Lopez.

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Venezuelan Workers Demand Nationalisation of Automotive Industry

An automotive worker's rally in 2007 (UNT)

Venezuelan automotive workers have slammed multinational car manufacturers for cutting back production in the country, while the country's largest trade union federation has called for the nationalisation of the industry.

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Large Marches by Venezuelan Opposition and Government Supporters, Leopoldo Lopez Turns Himself In

The pro-government march today in Caracas (AVN)

At a large opposition march in Caracas, far right leader Leopoldo Lopez handed himself in to the National Guard. Other large opposition and pro-government rallies and marches were held peacefully around the country.

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Maduro Expels Three U.S. Officials from Venezuela for “Conspiracy”

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has expelled three U.S. consular officials from the country due to suspected conspiracy with

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has expelled three U.S. consular officials from the country due to suspected conspiracy with the conservative opposition. Meanwhile opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has announced he will lead another march against the government in Caracas tomorrow. 

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