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Venezuelan Court Limits Rogue Prosecutor’s Powers

Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega is locked in a protracted legal battle with the Supreme Court. (AFP)

Venezuela’s highest court moved Wednesday to further limit the powers of Attorney General Luisa Ortega, restricting her office’s powers to prosecute.

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US Senator Threatens More Sanctions on Venezuela

Florida Senator Marco Rubio has demanded more sanctions on Venezuela if the ANC goes ahead. (AP)

US Senator Marco Rubio took aim at Venezuela Wednesday, hinting of more unilateral sanctions if a constituent assembly tasked with revamping the South American country's constitution goes forward. 

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US Court Blocks Exxon from Collecting Venezuela Award

PDVSA is the single largest source of income for the Venezuelan government, which is facing its deepest economic crisis in two d

A US appeals court blocked Tuesday the enforcement of a multi-million dollar award against Venezuelan state oil firm PDVSA, citing procedural concerns.

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Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Indigenous Radio Station

The exterior of the Perijanera 95.1 community radio station in Machiques de Perija, Zulia, following an alleged opposition attac

Venezuela’s opposition protesters were accused Monday of attacking an indigenous meeting space and community radio station, as unrest continued in the South American country.

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Venezuela Condemns Attack on UN Ambassador in New York

Venezuela’s UN ambassador, Rafael Ramirez. (Archive)

Caracas demanded Washington guarantee the security of its diplomatic personnel after a family member of Venezuelan UN Ambassador Rafael Ramirez was reportedly bitten at a New York steakhouse.

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Maduro and Putin Talk Cooperation via Telephone

Nicolas Maduro (left) with Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Archive)

The two heads of state discussed their mutual cooperation in “security and defence, energy, agriculture, science and technology, and culture”. 

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Bomb Explosion, Three Dead During Opposition’s 10 Hour Roadblock

The explosion went off in Altamira. (Twitter/Nestor Reverol)

A bomb exploded in Caracas and three people were killed Monday, during a ten-hour blockade of the nation’s streets called by the Venezuelan opposition.  

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Jailed Politician Leopoldo Lopez Granted House Arrest in Venezuela

Leopoldo Lopez appears for the press from behind the electric fence surrounding his house Sunday. (Twitter/Lilian Tintori)

The Supreme Court announced the humanitarian measure Saturday morning.

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85% of Venezuelans Oppose Joining Violent Protests: Poll

Around 100 people have died amid political unrest in Venezuela over the past three months. (AVN)

An overwhelming majority of Venezuelans say they are unwilling to join violent opposition protests, according to a new survey.

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Venezuelan Lawmaker Caught Demanding ‘Sovereign War’ after AN Clashes

Opposition legislator Juan Requesens speaking at the Florida International University. (Screen grab)

Footage surfaced Thursday of a Venezuelan opposition legislator calling for civil war and foreign intervention, following violence at the country’s parliament.

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Russia, Caribbean Say No International Intervention in Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin shake hands in this 2015 photo. (AFP)

Russia and a number of Caribbean nations called this week for political dialogue in Venezuela, and argued against international intervention.

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Venezuelan Attorney General Skips Court Hearing, Alleges “Coup”

The Supreme Court will issue its decision within the next five days. (@TSJ_Venezuela)

The standoff between Venezuela’s branches of government further escalated Tuesday as the Supreme Court held an impeachment hearing for Attorney General Luisa Ortega over allegations of “grave misconduct”. 

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Venezuelan Opposition to Hold “Plebiscite” on ANC, Vows “Zero Hour” Protests

Opposition leaders unveiled their plan for a "plebiscite" on Monday. (AVN)

Venezuela’s right-wing opposition coalition, the MUD, unveiled Monday that it will convene a non-binding national “plebiscite” on whether the country should go ahead with National Constituent Assembly elections slated for July 30.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Announces 50% Minimum Wage Hike

Maduro announced the minimum wage increase on Sunday. (Prensa Presidencial)

Under the new measure, the base monthly wage will be doubled to 97,531 bolivars, while food tickets will be raised to 153,000 bolivars, bringing the integrated minimum wage to 250,531 bolivars.


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Pope Urges Peace in Venezuela as 6 More Die in Anti-Government Unrest

Pope Francis called for an end to civil strife in Venezuela from Saint Peter's Square on Sunday. (AFP)

Pope Francis called for a “peaceful and democratic solution” in Venezuela over the weekend as six more people died in anti-government unrest across the South American country. 

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