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US Intervention in Venezuela "Could be Inevitable," Says Opposition Politician

Former Chacao mayor Ramon Muchacho speaks to CNN on August 14. The lower third reads, “Muchacho: the military alternative coul

A prominent Venezuelan opposition politician has warned US military action to topple the Maduro administration is now almost guaranteed.

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Venezuelan Opposition Faces Internal Split

Vente Venezuela head Maria Machado has condemned the opposition for agreeing to run candidates in the December 10 regional elect

Venezuela’s opposition’s internal strife spilled over Thursday, when a prominent far right party announced plans to split over an election boycott.

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Military Base Attacked in Venezuela, Two Dead

Captain Caguaripano circulated video with civilians in military uniforms

The 41st Armored Brigade of Fort Paramacay in Carabobo State was attacked by civilians and ex-military officials in the early hours of Sunday morning as part of an unsuccessful attempt to provoke a military rebellion, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has confirmed. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Returned to House Arrest

Lilian Tintori and Leopoldo Lopez speaking from their home on July 17. (Reuters)

The wife of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez says he has been returned to house arrest, while Antonio Ledezma once again arrived home on Friday.

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Venezuela: 10 Dead, 200 Voting Centers Attacked as US Sanctions Maduro

Sunday's vote was rocked by a roadside bomb explosion in the wealthy eastern Caracas municipality of Chacao. (screenshot)

Washington slapped sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro one day after the South American country saw record turnout in National Constituent Assembly elections amid deadly opposition violence. 

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Venezuela: 7 Dead in 48-Hour Opposition Strike as UN Calls to Respect ANC Vote

An opposition barricade blocks a Caracas highway on Friday morning. (Reuters)

The United Nations made a call Friday for Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly (ANC) elections to be respected following two days of violent unrest that claimed seven lives across the South American country.

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International Electoral Observers Report Irregularities with Opposition Plebiscite

Opposition supporters vote in the opposition plebiscite on July 16th. (Courtesy/Carlos de Mesa Gisbert)

The opposition electoral commission concluded that the secret ballot had not been guaranteed, while some voters may have cast multiple votes. 

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Opposition Mayor Sentenced to Jail Time for Violating Supreme Court Order

Gustavo Marcano, mayor for Lecheria, Anzoátegui state. (

Gustavo Marcano has been removed from his position and will face 15 months jail time for failing to adhere to a Supreme Court order to clear roads blocked by opposition supporters.


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Venezuela Divided Over Opposition’s General Strike

Venezuela's opposition says millions of workers have joined their 24 hour general strike, though life continued as usual Th
Both sides of Venezuela’s political divide claimed victory Thursday, after an opposition strike threatened to paralyse the country.

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Venezuela Shocked by Graphic Footage of Alleged Mortar Killing

A photo that allegedly shows Hector Anuel burning after being hit by a mortar. The authenticity of the photo cannot be verified.

Venezuelan authorities said Tuesday they were investigating the death of a man allegedly killed by opposition protesters.

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Venezuelan Opposition Accused of Attacking Indigenous Radio Station

The exterior of the Perijanera 95.1 community radio station in Machiques de Perija, Zulia, following an alleged opposition attac

Venezuela’s opposition protesters were accused Monday of attacking an indigenous meeting space and community radio station, as unrest continued in the South American country.

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Venezuela Condemns Attack on UN Ambassador in New York

Venezuela’s UN ambassador, Rafael Ramirez. (Archive)

Caracas demanded Washington guarantee the security of its diplomatic personnel after a family member of Venezuelan UN Ambassador Rafael Ramirez was reportedly bitten at a New York steakhouse.

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Bomb Explosion, Three Dead During Opposition’s 10 Hour Roadblock

The explosion went off in Altamira. (Twitter/Nestor Reverol)

A bomb exploded in Caracas and three people were killed Monday, during a ten-hour blockade of the nation’s streets called by the Venezuelan opposition.  

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Jailed Politician Leopoldo Lopez Granted House Arrest in Venezuela

Leopoldo Lopez appears for the press from behind the electric fence surrounding his house Sunday. (Twitter/Lilian Tintori)

The Supreme Court announced the humanitarian measure Saturday morning.

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Venezuelan Lawmaker Caught Demanding ‘Sovereign War’ after AN Clashes

Opposition legislator Juan Requesens speaking at the Florida International University. (Screen grab)

Footage surfaced Thursday of a Venezuelan opposition legislator calling for civil war and foreign intervention, following violence at the country’s parliament.

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