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News: Oil and Gas

Paramedic Injured by Violent Groups, Petrol Services Suspended in One Venezuelan Region after Attacks

Wilbany Leon (centre, red jacket), with transport minister Haiman El Troudi (centre, glasses) (Noticias 24)

A motorbike paramedic “almost died” on Monday as a result of nylon placed at the exit to a tunnel in Caracas, while an attack on a PDVSA oil tanker in Carabobo has seen the company cancel its services in the area.

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Venezuelan Vice President Calls for National Debate on Gasoline Prices

“For those who want homeland, come with me. But on foot, because we have to save gasoline” (Agencies).

The world's lowest petrol prices could be raised for the first time in 16 years, after the Venezuelan government called for a national debate on the country's gasoline subsidies.

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Venezuelan Report: Refinery Disaster Caused by Intentional Manipulation of Gas Pump Bolts

Petroleum and mining minister Rafael Ramirez presenting the report of the investigation into the Amuay tragedy (AVN)

Following government allegations a fortnight ago that last year’s Amuay refinery disaster was caused by sabotage, authorities have now released a full report with details of the year-long investigation.

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Venezuela to Appeal World Bank Ruling on ConocoPhillips Compensation Claim

Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world, according to the government. The Orinoco belt alone could contain as

 Venezuela's oil and mining minister and head of the country's state oil company, Rafael Ramirez, has stated the government will appeal a World Bank ruling against the 2007 expropriation of oil assets of ConocoPhillips.

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Eighth PetroCaribe Summit Focuses on Economic Integration between Venezuela and Caribbean

In order to "strengthen, streamline and consolidate" the organization, the development will focus in particular on tra

At the eighth summit of the Latin-American organization PetroCaribe held yesterday in Managua, Nicaragua, representatives from 21 countries agreed to further the creation of a special economic zone to foster the region’s development.

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Eighth Annual Citgo-Venezuela Heating Oil Program Launched

The program was launched at the Night of Peace Family Shelter in Baltimore (CITGO)

It is estimated that this year the program will help more than 100,000 families in 25 states plus the District of Columbia, including members of more than 240 Native American communities and more than 200 homeless shelters.

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Eight New Accords Tighten Venezuelan, Russian Relationship

The meeting between the Venezuelan and Russian delegations was held in the Miraflores presidential palace (

A total eight accords signed Thursday further strengthened the relationship between Venezuela and Russia in energy cooperation.

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People and Government Show Solidarity as They Repair Amuay Explosion Damage

Volunteers and PDVSA workers help repair a damaged roof near the Amuay refinery (YVKE Mundial)

Once fires were completely extinguished yesterday, national government institutions began investigating the cause of the recent explosion in Venezuela’s largest refinery. The government has designated large amounts of compensation to victims’ families, and together with community members is helping to repair damaged housing.


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41 Killed in Gas Explosion in Venezuela, 3 Days of National Mourning Declared

Press images showed the extent of the damage at the Amuay refinery (6topoder)

The Venezuelan government has confirmed that 41 people have been killed in a gas explosion at the country's biggest oil refinery in Amuay, located in the western state of Falcón. An immediate investigation has been launched into the causes of the accident.

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Venezuela Boosts Oil Sales to China

Venezuela has increased oil sales to China to 640,000 barrels a day (archive).

Venezuela has increased oil sales to China to 640,000 barrels a day, the Venezuelan energy minister said.

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Venezuelan Opposition: “No More Preferential Oil Deals”

Capriles said that oil-rich Venezuela would not give away even “one drop” of “free oil” to other countries if he were el

In his first public statement on his prospective oil policy were he to be elected, opposition candidate Capriles Radonski said that he would put an end to Venezuela’s current preferential oil deals with governments abroad, in favour of spending the revenue from the country’s petroleum industry on domestic “social programs”.

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Venezuela, Argentina Build South American Energy Integration

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with Argentine Planning Minister Julio De Vido (

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez met with Argentine Planning Minister Julio De Vido last Monday in Caracas for discussions that saw the head of the Caribbean nation invite his South American allies to join in the oil exploitation of the largest crude reserves in the world.

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Venezuelan Government Commits to Anti-Fuel Smuggling Strategy

The Venezuelan government has reiterated its commitment to implement the electronic tagging of cars to combat contraband in fuel sales, despite an opposition campaign against the initiative. 

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Venezuela World’s Largest Holder of Proven Oil Reserves

Venezuela surpassed Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest holder of proven oil reserves, the BP "Statistical Review of World Energy 2012" said.

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Venezuela’s PDVSA Reaches Compensation Agreement over Nationalised Gas Installations

Venezuela’s state gas enterprise PDVSA Gas reached a compensation agreement with companies Wilpro El Furrial and Wilpro Pigap II over the nationalisation of their gas compression and injection plants.

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