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Delay in Leopoldo Lopez Trial Causes Unrest in Venezuela and Abroad

Leopoldo Lopez turned himself in to the police on February 19, 2014. (Photo: Reuters)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said Friday he will not tolerate any more violence from the opposition, after government buildings were vandalized on Friday in response to the postponement of opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez's trial.

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Venezuela Criticizes US Drama for Accusing Maduro of Buying Biological Weapons

The series "Legends" airs on TNT. (21st Century Fox)

The television series Legends has been criticized by the Venezuelan government for a scene in which a character accuses President Maduro and the PSUV party of planning to buy chemical weapons.

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London Newspaper Retracts False Information on Venezuela

Anti-government demonstrators burn trash at a barricade in wealthy neighborhood of Alta Mira, Caracas, in February (AP /Rodrigo

On March 14th, the London Evening Standard published an article in which it claimed “28 demonstrators were killed in the past month” in Venezuela. The figure referred to the anti-government protests that had broken out in the South American nation, in February. 

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Maduro Attacks “Media Show” over Monica Spear Murder in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro has struck out at media coverage of ex-Miss Venezuela Monica Spear’s murder as a “show” to make money and “demoralise” the South American country. Other recent notable murders meanwhile have not received mainstream media coverage.

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Venezuelan Government Action against Overpricing Welcomed by Citizens, Manipulated by Media

Clotilde Paomina with her new electrical goods purchased at prices forced down by the government, with members of her communal c

After clamping down on “grotesque” overpricing by electronics stores and proposing to set maximum profit margins, there have been some large queues outside such stores around Venezuela, while some shops have temporarily closed. The opposition and the private media have depicted the situation as “chaotic”, while the government has called on the organised grassroots to “guarantee order”.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Creates Social Happiness Ministry, Is Criticised by International Media

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (EFE)

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has created a new government agency to coordinate social programs and further reduce poverty. 

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Opposition Use Presidential Security Decree to Label Venezuelan Government “Dictatorial”

The Bolivarian Militia at a ceremony in Merida (Tamara Pearson /

Earlier this month president Nicolas Maduro created a security body, the CESSPA, to coordinate information from intelligence organisations. Opposition spokespeople and private media have categorised the new body as “Castro-esque”, “dictatorial”, and “limiting free speech”.

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Venezuela's El Nacional and Tal Cual Newspapers Fined for Explicit Morgue Photographs

Otero is currently being sued by the former mayor of Caracas, and his finances are being investigated by Venezuelan authorities

Venezuelan newspapers El Nacional and Tal Cual have been issued fines by a Caracas court for publishing “inappropriate” images in 2010.

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Venezuelan Newspaper Owner's Bank Accounts Frozen Amid Criminal Investigation

Otero has accused the government of attacking “freedom of expression”, but the attorney general says his accounts have been

The owner and editor of one of Venezuela's largest newspapers has stated that a freeze on his personal bank accounts will not affect the paper.

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Corporate Media Drones on about Venezuela’s Defence Program

Last week the Venezuelan government demonstrated its Arpia Drones System (Minci)

After President Nicolas Maduro attended a military display in Aragua state which included Venezuela’s three unarmed drones, some mainstream media has highlighted Venezuela’s defence program, stressing Venezuela’s relationship with Iran.

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Venezuela’s Globovision Seeks to Moderate Coverage

Globovision’s search for a more “balanced line” has caused controversy within the channel and with the conservative opposi

Venezuelan private news channel Globovision is attempting to develop a more moderate image, however recent changes have been criticised by the conservative opposition. 

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Venezuela's Globovisión to be Sold but will Maintain Political Line

Subject to numerous criminal investigations, Globovisión faces an uncertain future (VTV/Archive)

Opposition television channel Globovisión will change hands, but is expected to maintain its anti-government editorial line.

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Venezuelan Private Media Try to Cover Up Attacks on Government Health Clinics

A government health clinic in the state of Miranda that was vandalized by opposition groups. The message says “D---head, out.

After government officials denounced attacks on various government health clinics by rightwing protesters last week, Venezuelan private media launched a campaign to cover up those attacks and deny that they had occurred. 

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Capriles Falsifies Evidence in Order to Claim Fraud in Venezuela’s Elections

Henrique Capriles holds up an electronic vote tally at yesterday’s press conference (Lenin Morales – Cristina Moure / Prensa

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles has given falsified evidence to support his claims that there was fraud in Venezuela’s presidential elections on Sunday.

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Venezuelan Government Announces Transition to US Style Democracy

Venezuelan spokespeople announced the transition on 1 April.

In a public broadcast yesterday the Venezuelan government announced the transition to democracy. Measures include the sale of community media to business giant Rupert Murdoch, and the privatisation of the health sector.

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