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News: Indigenous and Afro-Venezuelans

Venezuela’s Maduro Vows Equal Gender Representation for Parliament on International Women’s Day

2500 women from throughout Venezuela attended Sunday's congress, debating heated issues ranging from same-sex marriage to a

A series of other measures put forward by Venezuela’s National Women’s Congress were also approved by the president, who called for a debate on legalising same-sex marriage and abortion. 

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Sabino Romero's Widow Testifies Amidst Threats

Sabino's widow, Lucia Martinez de Romero, testified at court today (Aporrea)

Caracas, February 2nd 2015 (Venezuelanalysis) Dozens of activists gathered outside the Ministry of Justice in the capital today in solidarity with Lucia Martinez de Romero, the widow of assassinated indigenous Yukpa leader Sabino Romero. Lucia testified in the trial of Angel Antonio Romero Bracho, (aka “Manguera”) accused of murdering the indigenous chief or "cacique".

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Social Movements Demand ¨Maximum Sentence¨ for Indigenous Leader´s Murderer as Trial Continues

(Rachael Boothroyd - Venezuelanalysis)

Movements gathered in Caracas on Monday to demand a 30 year sentence for Sabino Romero´s murderer. They also denounced a lack of media coverage of the case, as well as the increasing presence of Colombian paramilitaries and drugs traffickers on Yukpa territory.


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Maduro Hands Over Land Titles to Indigenous Communities, Creates Institute to Protect Native Languages

President Maduro with representatives of indigenous communities in the Miraflores presidential palace.
(Presidential Press)

On Monday, in celebration of the nationally acclaimed Day of Indigenous Resistance, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro established a presidential council for indigenous peoples, handed over collective land titles to 14 original communities, lowered the threshold age for indigenous pensioners, and announced the creation of an institute to protect the country’s 44 native languages.

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Honoring Indigenous Resistance Day in Venezuela, the Struggle Continues

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro marked the day of indigenous resistance by handing over more titles to collective ownership

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro marked the day of indigenous resistance by handing over more titles to collective ownership of indigenous lands on Sunday.  But the struggle for recognition, fertile land, and against illegal mining continues for Venezuela's indigenous communities. 

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Venezuela to Present Report on Indigenous Rights at UN

This Monday the Venezuelan chapter of the Indigenous Parliament of America completed the final details of a report on the levels of inclusion of original peoples in Venezuela communities. Proposals to include the people who were excluded for more than 500 years, since the arrival of the colonizers in America.

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5 Venezuelans Sentenced to 7 Years Prison for Murder of Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero

Romero was killed in Zulia state when two men on a motorcycle intercepted his vehicle and shot at him and his partner, Lucia Mar

After a trial that began in November before the Public Prosecutor in Caracas, five citizens have been sentenced to seven years in prison for the murder of Yukpa leader Sabino Romero on March 3, 2013. 

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Sacred Stone of Venezuelan Indigenous to Return After 15 Years in German Exhibit

The Kueka stone on exhibit in Tiergarten park, Berlin.

Earlier this month Venezuela's attorney general, Luisa Ortega Diaz, announced that proceedings were underway to secure the return of the sacred Kueka Stone, removed from Pemon indigenous land in 1998 to be part of a park installation in Berlin’s Tiergarten Park, in Germany.

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Venezuelan Yukpa Chief: Paramilitaries Trying to “Erase” Us

Carmen “Anita” Fernandez (homo et natura)

Around fifty armed men allegedly assaulted and forcefully removed Yukpa cacica (chief) Carmen “Anita” Fernandez from her land in the western Venezuelan state of Zulia last Monday.

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Bolivarian Government Defends Venezuelan Basketball Hero against Racist Attacks

Carl Herrera (archive)

Last week, vandals who Diodado Cabello, President of the National Assembly, labeled “neo-fascists” scrawled racist death threats on three walls of the stadium where Herrera’s team was scheduled to play.

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Six People Accused of Murdering Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Go to Trial

There have been regular protests demanding that Sabino’s murderers be captured (archive)

Six people are now on trial for their alleged involvement in the murder of Yukpa leader Sabino Romero earlier this year. Those who allegedly paid them to commit the crime, however, are still at large.

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Yanomami From Brazil and Venezuela Denounce Illegal Miners and Lack of Health Care

Yanomami Indians have expressed their serious concern about illegal mining on their land (Victor  Englebert/ Survival Internatio

Yanomami Indians from Brazil and Venezuela met last month in Venezuela to discuss indigenous rights and national policies. Government officials from both countries, indigenous organizations and NGOs working with the Yanomami also attended.

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Indigenous Yukpa Venezuelans Suffer Unidentified Illness

Around 1.5% of Venezuelans indentify as indigenous (Yukpa, Bari and Wayuu pictured above). (Global Response)

Venezuelan authorities are investigating an unexplained illness affecting the country's indigenous Yukpa people that has so far claimed five lives and affected dozens more over the past week.

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134 Indigenous Students to Study at Venezuela’s Latin American University of Medicine

The incorporation comes as part of a university initiative aimed at spreading education and health care to geographically isolat

An event celebrated on Friday, the United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, recognized 134 students from indigenous communities throughout Venezuela who will be incorporated into the Latin American University of Medicine -Salvador Allende.

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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Suspect of Murder of Indigenous Yukpa Leader

Romero was an iconic advocate for indigenous land rights in Venezuela (Panorama)

A suspect in the murder of Yukpa chief Sabino Romero was arrested in Caracas on Wednesday, but according to interior minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, more arrests could be made.

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